APS Latrobe Valley

Meetings normally held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm.

Venue: Horticulture Building, Federation Training, Morwell Campus

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Membership fees: Single $10 Family $15 + Australian Plants Society Victoria membership fees.
The 2018-19 Membership Form can be found in the July newsletter.

Leader: Mike Beamish 0447 452 755
Deputy-leader: Rhonda Fitch
Secretary: Judy Hetherington 0497 000 925

PO Box 112, Boolarra Vic 3870

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web-site: https://jsst10.wixsite.com/nativeplantslv

Edition Contents
Dec 18 Albany Pitcher Plant Cephalotus follicularis; Albany or Swamp Daisy Actinodium cunninghamii; White Cedar Melia azedarach; Dianella…a good hardy plant for dry locations; Prostanthera cuneata Alpine Mint Bush
Nov 18 Mike Beamish and orchids of SW WA; Col Jackson travelling through the Simpson Desert; Hakea eriantha Tree Hakea; Svalbard Flora, Daryl Radnell
Oct 18 Callistemon pallidus Lemon Bottlebrush; Springtime on the Wellington River – Mike Beamish
Sep 18 Isopogon buxifolius; Pretty as a Picture – Epacris & Correa by Yvonne McInnes; AGM & leader’s report
Aug 18 AGM agenda; Central Australia trip update by Col Jackson; Ozothamnus diosmifolius (Rice Flower); Cox’s Corner – Australian plants in Europe
Jul 18 Calytrix tetragona Common Fringe-myrtle; Warty-fruited Hakea; Membership form
Jun 18 Hakea salicifolia (Willow-leaved Hakea); What is the meaning of ‘prostrate’? – Banksia integrifolia
May 18 Mike Beamish on Walkerville flora and Lasiopetalum discolor (Coast Velvet-bush); Col Jackson on Plectanthrus argentatus (Silver Spurflower)
Apr 18 Mike Beamish on Baw Baw flora, Corowa concert and veggie patch; Libertia paniculata (Branching Grass-flag); Col Jackson & Pamela Cox and effect of dry spell on flora & flora; emerging dragonfly by Mary Jackson
Mar 18 review of Diana and Hugh Droog’s property at Toora, Mt Baw Baw flora, Xanthorrhoea australis (Southern Grass Tree); Yea Wetlands excursion postponed until later in the year; Col Jackson on Eucalyptus caesia Silver Princess
Feb 18 Mike Beamish & Col Jackson: Wellington River above Licola and high country orchids; veggie garden; Lasiopetalum macrophyllum (Shrubby Velvet Bush); Col Jackson’s propagating & potting shelter; Pamela Cox & Christmas at Fozigobbles