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Promoting the Appreciation and Preservation of Australian Plants

ANPS East Gippsland

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Bairnsdale Scout Hall

Usually meets at 1.30pm on the third Wednesday of the month, but see Facebook for any change.

Venue: Bairnsdale Scout Hall for Feb, Mar & Apr Google map link

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President: Sam Thomas
Secretary: Gill Jarvis
Treasurer: Frank Flynn

Enquiries: P.O.Box 1036, Bairnsdale Vic 3875

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Edition Contents
Dec 18Graeme and Jan Donnan’s Outback Travels – Part 6; review of Our Spring Spectacular; Nov meeting – Celebrating our 30th Anniversary; Leptospermum ‘Mesmer Eyes’; the Australian Painted Lady; Olearia lanuginosa
Oct 18Focus on Hakeas – Hakea erecta; Notable Botanists – Jacques de Labillardiere; Graeme and Jan Donnan’s Outback Travels – Part 5; Our Spring Spectacular – call for helping hands; Local Plants – Leptorhynchos; Plants Flowering Lately – Dodonaea sinuolata; Wildlife in Native Gardens – Scorpion tailed spider
Aug 18Netelia producta Orange Parasite Wasp; what am I? – Grevillea saccata ‘Starburst’; Graeme and Jan Donnan’s Outback Travels – Part 4; Focus on Hakeas – Hakea decurrens; Plants Flowering Lately – Grevillea ‘Ivory Whip’; Local Plants – Allocasuarina littoralis; Glands on phyllodes of Acacia
Jun 18what am I? – Clematis gentianoides; Graeme and Jan Donnan’s Outback Travels – Part 3; Focus on Hakeas – Burrendong Beauty; Local Plants – Epacris impressa; Plants Flowering Lately – Eremophila ‘Kalbarri Carpet’; Wildlife in Native Gardens – Bostrichid Beetle
Apr 18on animal eyes; what am I? – Arthropodium milleflorum; Graeme and Jan Donnan’s Outback Travels – Part 2; local plants – Arthropodium milleflorum (Pale Vanilla Lily), Arthropodium strictum (Chocolate lily); review of March Evening with Phillip Johnson; Wildlife in Native Gardens – Long legged fly; Plants Flowering Lately – Eremophila glabra
Feb 18on the Australian Seed Bank Partnership; what am I? – Persoonia pinifolia; Graeme and Jan Donnan’s Outback Travels – Part 1; plant id – Corymbia eximia (Yellow Bloodwood); Acacia melanoxylon (blackwood); Sannantha bidwillii; Moths of the Arctiidae family