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Promoting the Appreciation and Preservation of Australian Plants

APS Ballarat District

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2nd Wednesday of the month @ 2pm (April – September) & 7.30 pm (October – March, except January).

Venue: The Robert Clark Horticultural Centre, Botanical Gardens. Entrance Gate 3, Gillies St; Ballarat. Google map link

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Membership Fees: Single $10, Family $13 + (APS Vic Memb. Fees)

President: John Hastie 5341 5567
Secretary: Janine O’Malley
Treasurer: Ainslie Whyte

PO. Box 123W, Ballarat West, Vic 3350.

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Edition Contents
Dec 22
Nov 22
Oct 22
Sep 22
Aug 22
Jul 22
Jun 22May Meeting: Ade Foster on Frogs in the Garden; May Excursion: Dan Frost on Seeding Victoria; Library update; Corymbia maculata Spotted Gum
May 22April meeting: John Hastie on Prostanthera species, Mint Bushes, and Mints; The Garden at Elaine in April; Library – APS Ballarat District; Gall-wasp infestation on Eucalyptus petiolaris
Apr 22Library; The Garden at Elaine in March; Mar excursion: Bunanyung Landscape Alliance presentation of their Ballarat Goldfields Little Creeks Restoration Strategy
Mar 22The Garden at Elaine in February; February Bird and Plant Walk with Roger Thomas; The Gold-tipped Leafcutter bee
Feb 22Eleocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash; Biosecurity in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens; The Garden at Elaine in Dec & Jan; Hakea prostrata Harsh Hakea
Dec 21Nov garden visits report: Hasties’, Hendricksons’ & Colliers’; The Garden at Elaine in Nov
Nov 21Wartook Gardens excursion report; The garden at Elaine in Oct
Oct 21The Garden at Elaine in Sep; Wattles
Sep 21Wattle day; The garden at Elaine in Aug; Ten year flashback: Brendon Stahl on Banksias; Stan Kelly 1991 interview on his book Eucalypts Vol 1
Aug 21July Meeting, Chris Clarke and a ‘A Snapshot of Victorian Alpine Flora’
Jul 21The garden at Elaine in Jun
Jun 21May meeting report: Peter Rogers on Outback Queensland; the garden at Elaine in May; the Australian Botanic Gardens, Shepparton
May 21Apr meeting report: Donna Thomas on a new project in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens; Apr outing: the garden at Elaine & Birdsong Nursery and Garden
Apr 21Mar meeting report Bee Homes and Nest Boxes; Vale Liz Bowden; the Garden at Elaine; Western Victorian Transmission Project; Mar excursion report: Annual Bird and Plant Walk with Roger Thomas; Book Review: Kevin Sparrow’s ‘Plants of the Great South West’
Mar 21Feb Meeting in Buninyong Botanic Gardens; The Garden at Elaine; Book reviews: Australian Native Gardening Made Easy Dick Chadwick, Australian Native Plants: Concise edition John Wrigley and Murray Fagg, Australian Wildflowers, (Cronin’s Key Guide) 3rd Edition Leonard Cronin, Birdscaping Australian Gardens George Adams; Creating an Australian Garden Angus Stewart
Feb 21Hastie Garden at Elaine in Summer; NEUTROG Product Order
Dec 20A Wander Through the Hastie Garden
Nov 20Hastie Garden at Elaine in Oct; ‘Ballarat Wild Plants’ nursery
Oct 20Snow on a Ballarat Native Garden!; Hastie Garden at Elaine in Sep; What’s in Flower – Rhonda Humphries & Paddy Marshall; 10-yr Flashback: Hawk Moth caterpillar
Sep 20Facebook page under construction; The Hastie Garden at Elaine in August; 10yr Flashback: Cathy Powers – Fungi; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; The Blue Gum & the Pine Tree
Aug 20Covid-19 cancellations; ‘Australian Plants Society Ballarat District’ Facebook page; Elaine Plant Sale Report; The Garden at Elaine in July; Rhonda & Ross Humphries Plants in flower
Jul 20Memberships due; ‘Care for the Rare’ project; Murnong SEED Citizen Science Project
Jun 20The Garden at Elaine; Mostly Aussie Nursery, Dunkeld, closing
May 20The Garden at Elaine: From the Hasties; Building a Garden – water in the garden
Apr 20Mar report: Ade Foster – Travels in North Western Australia in August 2019; John Hastie: Wattles in Flower; Accidentally a Forest: An observation from member Susan Ring; Wollemi Pine Wollemia nobilis
Mar 20Feb Excursion Report: Wetlands Walk and Talk with Roger Thomas at Macarthur Park Wetlands; February Guest Speaker Report – Fon Ryan: ‘A Celebration of Digital Photography’
Feb 20End of Year Celebrations Report; preview of April mtg: Donna Thomas – Ballarat Botanical Gardens Indigenous Plant
Conservation Project
Dec 19Nov Guest Speaker Report: Peter Debicki (The Polish Beekeeper); Nov Excursion Report: Visit to Jenny West’s Garden at Gordon
Nov 19Oct meeting: Daniel Lewry – Physiotherapist; October Flower Show Report; Excursion Report: Spring bus trip, Corio/Lara/Brisbane Ranges
Oct 19September Guest Speaker Report: Sam Strong on ‘Gardens for Wildlife’; September Excursion Report: The Australian Garden at Cranbourne; Aust. Native Plant workshops, including activities for visually impaired
Sep 19Sep excursion to the Australian Garden at Cranbourne; afternoon vs evening meetings
Aug 19Jul Guest Speaker Report: Peter Marquand, Curator of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens; Happy Birthday Paddy Marshall
Jul 19Call for President, Secretary & Treasurer; Jun meeting review: Helen Lovel, from Neutrog Biological Fertilizers; Review of Winter Flower Show
Jun 19May meeting review: Peter Broughton on the State of the Nursery Industry; APS Geelong Apr meeting review: ‘Eucalypts’ – by Dean Nicolle; Call for President, Secretary & Treasurer; Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpa
May 19Our Group Needs a Secretary!; review of Apr presentation by Jenny & Peter Sedgwick on “Home and Habitat”; garden visit to Phyllis Wright at Creswick
Apr 19Review of Roger Thomas’s March presentation: ‘My Nature Year’; Garden Challenges, Gladys Hastie; Our Group Needs a Secretary!
Mar 19Review of Fon Ryan’s presentation: ‘A Celebration of Digital Photography’; Call for new secretary; Feb excursion report: Annual Bird and Plant Walk with Roger Thomas to the North Gardens Reserve
Feb 19Call for new secretary
Dec 18Review of Jenny West’s Nov talk on pollination; call for new secretary; review of Nov excursion to Gladys and John Hastie’s garden at Elaine; Wildflower Trip to WA – Ruth Marton
Nov 18Presentation to Joan Jenkins; Review of Oct Spring Flower Show
Oct 18Review of Sep excursion to Lara
Sep 18Review of July excursion to Collier garden and protea farm; review of August workshop on propagating Aust. native plants; Old Andado Station – Liz Bowden; call for suggestions for Ballarat District plant list
Aug 18Review of Roger Wileman presentation – Flora of the Wheat Belt of West Australia; memberships due; review of Ballarat District winter flower show
Mar 18Vale Helen Burgess; Excursion Report: Annual Bird and Plant Walk with Roger Thomas; Guest Speaker Report: Fon Ryan – ‘A Celebration of Digital Photography’