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April Meeting

Friday 26th April

Meeting starts at 8pm

Darwinias with Trevor Blake

Darwinia is a genus of plants in the Myrtaceae family with close connectons to homoranthus and vertcordia.
The talk will cover the bells of the Strling Ranges and the fact that reliability is tied up with grafting of plants suited to our area.

There is a swag of new species and a large group that are presently unnamed, many quite spectacular.

The fact that the large flower heads enclose a number of individual flowers or florets is not new in Aussie flora.


Ringwood East Elderly Citizens Hall, 2-8 Laurence Grove, Ringwood East


President: Alison Rogers
Secretary: Peter Rogers   0409 694 623

PO Box 33, Ringwood Vic 3134
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Jan 243 Speakers: Bruce Schroder, Ann Payne and Barrie Gallacher
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May 22A Snapshot of Victoria’s Alpine Flora; April garden visit – Russell Watkin’s garden; Crowea saligna Willow-leaved Crowea; Trevor Blake’s Book Launch, ”Lantern Bushes of Australia; Thomasias & Allied Genera”; The “Neighbours 4 Nature” program
Apr 22Mar meeting: Propagation from Seed; Boronia filifolia Slender Boronia; Early winter is here; Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl; Crinum luteolum from seed; March Garden Visit: Orton and Cove Gardens
Mar 22Feb meeting: Travelling the Gunbarrel Highway; Chorilaena quercifolia; The dry summer’s toll in Ray & Eva’s garden; MIFGS preview; Vale Denise Brett; City Nature Challenge; Day Trip to Mt Baw Baw; Maranoa Botanic Gardens February visit
Feb 22Vale Max Kennedy; Two that Got Away Geoff Lay; Boronia muelleri Forest Boronia; A rose by any other name Graeme Nicholls; Philydrum lanuginosum
Jan 22Nov meeting report; Thomasia Book; Plants in hanging baskets; a look at the genus Daviesia; Nov visit to Bruce and Jill Schroder’s Garden; Vale Claude Culvenor; Graeme Nicholls’ & Ray and Eva’s gardens in summer; David Lightfoot’s rooftop garden; Leionema lamprophyllum Shiny Leionema, Shiny Phebalium; Stylidium graminifolium; Impressa Award for John Thompson; APS Maroondah on Facebook; Australian Garden at Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens
Nov 21A guided walk through Maranoa Botanic Gardens; Zieria granulata; Daisy Delights; My Experience with Sturt’s Desert Pea; Coopernookia polygalacea, Micromyrtus ciliata and Pultenaea pedunculata; Lockdown Handrails; Vale Philip Brentnall
Oct 21A Guided Walk through Maranoa; Vale Barry Ellis; Grand Specimen Table Presentation – Ten Years Later; Phebalium glandulosum; What’s in a name – plants named after people: Flindersia, Grevillea & Guichenotia; Botanic Ridge Update; September was brought to you by the colour Purple; Lomatia tasmanica; Ray and Eva’s Garden; October in our garden has a lot of White
Sep 21Chris Fletcher plants for sale; Gunbarrel Highway; Nature Strip Lockdown Activity; Asterolasia phebalioides; What’s in a name – plants named after people: Darwinia, Dodonaea & Dryandra; Honour for John Hanson; August is brought to you by the colour yellow
Aug 21Outback Queensland; What’s happening at Karwarra Garden?; Rutaceae Ruminations – Boronia thujona; Covid Safe Meetings; Grevillea longistyla; Spectacular Barks on Australian Vegetation; Thank You – Merele Webb; Lights in the garden; A Visit to the Pilliga Scrub; New Names for Heaths
Jun 21Special May Garden Visit – Williams’ Garden, Croydon; Bringing the RHS Chelsea Best in Show Australian Garden home to Olinda; Covid Safe Meetings – Changes to Meeting Provisions for June; May Garden Visit O’Neill Garden, Narre Warren South; Photographing Blue Flowers; Ray and Eva’s Garden; return to face-to-face meetings survey results
Apr 21Mar meeting: Flora for Frogs; Requirements for a Covid-safe meeting; March Get-together at Doongalla Forest; Australian Plants Revealed video; City Nature Challenge; Wrong Spot – moving natives; Eucalyptus caesia subsp magna a cultivar?; Ray & Eva’s garden; Eremophilas in flower in Blackburn; Phillip Johnson Garden; Colourful Correas
Mar 21Zoom mtg review: Plants of Melbourne’s Western Plains Chris Clarke; Cultivars on Trove; Feb picnic at Pound Bend; “A COVID-safe Meeting”, Bruce Schroder; Hypocalymma xanthopetalum
Feb 21Vale Frank O’Dea; Jan Picnic at Yarran Dheran; Australian Plants Revealed; Eucalyptus rosacea; Meringur Mystery; Eucalyptus caesia subsp. caesia seed; Blue Carbon Environments; Seeding an Urban Meadow; Karwarra Australian Plant Garden; Ray & Eva’s Garden; Maroondah is going Digital! – Zoom meetings; Eastern Koel
Jan 21Urea; Mt Cannibal; Viminaria juncea Golden Showers; King Parrots; Member profile: Eva Kowal & Ray Turner; Hardenbergia violacea; The Colour Purple; Misunderstood Mistletoes
Dec 202020 AGM; welcome Helen McGeehan; Vale Pam Faraghar and Neville Hatten; Commemorative Maroondah Plant; New South Wales Christmas Bush Ceratopetalum gummiferum; Tasmanian & South Australian Christmas Bush Bursaria spinosa; Victorian Christmas Bush Prostanthera lasianthos; Tasmanian Christmas Bells Blandfordia punicea; Western Australian Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda; New South Wales Christmas Bells Blandfordia grandiflora; Christmas Mistletoe Amyema sanguineum; Climbers in the Lay Garden; FJC Rogers’ Lamiaceae Seminar 2020; Peacock Spiders
Nov 20Committee nominations before AGM; FJC Rogers Seminar 2022; Ricinocarpus pinifolius Wedding Bush; Grevillea williamsonii; Karwarra is open again; New Look for Fairies; Hidden danger in some low release fertilisers; “Reaching for the Sky” – Climbers; Moths on Rutaceae; Late Spring flowers in a Blackburn garden; Hibbertias; Ray and Eva’s Garden in flower; Grevillea longistyla; Rooftop Wonderland; Eremophila mackinlayi; Reaching for the Sky – Judy Clark
Oct 20Jumping Creek Road; Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens; Chorizema varium Limestone Pea; Rooftop Wonderland; Eucalyptus caesia ssp caesia; Spring flowers in a Blackburn garden; “Seeing the Light” – Tan Marlin’s garden; Ray and Eva’s Garden; “Clearing the Way” – removing a nature strip tree; Acacia aff verniciflua; Kennedia coccinea; Orchids and Photography; Joe’s Billy Buttons; Wood Scorpion; Eremophila ionantha; Bird Nesting Box to exclude Indian Mynas; Best Year for Leptospermums; Garden Painting
Sep 20Vale Win Bennet; Eucalyptus caesia; Nature Strip Planting; Growing the Brown Boronia; Earth Stars; Grasstree; Templetonia and Thryptomene; Wattles; Involvement of Members Linked with Churches; An Unusual Plant – Lawrencia helmsii; Plants from Chris Fletcher; Yarra Glen Garden; Sturt’s Pea Challenge 2018 and 2019 – Final Update; Ray and Eva’s Garden; Why are dogs attracted to Kangaroo Paw roots?; Propagating Acacia glaucoptera from cuttings
Aug 20Mt Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve & proposed quarry; Michael and Sally Cook’s garden murals; Correas – Sue Guymer; A Native Garden 50 years ago – Tom Banfield; Wurundjeri Timelines calendar; Aug in newsletters past; A Shaggy Frog Story; Bridal Creeper Weed; Homemade pruning shredder; Satin Bowerbird at Bill & Sue’s; News from South East NSW – post-fire regeneration, Olearia persoonioides?, “Slasher” organic herbicide; Home for Sale – Arthurs Creek
Jun 20Joe’s Corymbia Quiz; APS Maroondah is Helping East Gippsland; Phil Vaughan Grafted Plant List; Diplolaena grandiflora; Chris Fletcher’s Plant List; A Yellow Waratah? – Part 1; what is eating Corymbia ficifolia?; Myoporum bateae, Veronica arenaria, Acacia gittinsii; Growing Trees; Preparing for an Open Garden; Memories of Shirley Carn; Gang Gang Cockatoos
May 20Disappearing House (planting a small garden) – Michael Cook; Vale Shirley Carn; Some Gardening Tips from Shirley Carn; Propagating – making do with what you have; Motion Detector Cameras; Templetonia retusa Cockies’ Tongue
Apr 20Helpful members & Karwarra exhibition; Exhibition at Ringwood Federation Estate; Cultivar Project; Attracting Wildlife to our Gardens; The Art of Log Relocation; Grevillea nudiflora & G. treueriana; Channels for Orchids; Corymbia ficifolia ‘Wildfire’ Red Flowering Gum; Flowering at Montrose; Gardening in the time of Coronavirus
Feb 20Early Botanical Exploration in Australia – Jan talk by John Thompson; Growing Sturt’s Desert Pea; Jacksonia furcellata; Wollemi Pine – The Good News and the (old) Bad News
Nov 19Phil Vaughan’s Oct talk: Spectacular plants from WA now becoming available; Another Perspective – grafting, light & drainage, Bruce Schroder; October Garden Visit – Marilyn and Geoff Bull Garden, Montrose; Eucalyptus polyanthemos ssp
Red Box; Pretty Screen; Vale Enid Haskins; Stop Mowing and Grow Native; Environment Victoria and the Snapes; Your New Committee
Oct 19Preview of Oct meeting with Phil Vaughan & the Bull garden visit in Montrose; review of Sep meeting: Eucalypts as Street Trees, Bruce Schroder; Vale Diana Snape & Joan Barrett; Creating a Habitat Garden; Sep garden visits: the Wominjeka (Welcome) Reconciliation garden, Glen Iris, Debbie and Michael’s garden and Eleanor’s garden
Sep 19Preview of Sep meeting: Eucalypts as Street Trees, Bruce Schroder; preview of Wominjeka Reconciliation Sep Garden visit; Aug meeting review: Gardens for Wildlife by A B Bishop; Leionema coxii; Vale Silver Princess – improve drainage with an augur; review of visit to Pam’s Heathmont garden; the Maroondah Facebook page; Indigofera at Blackburn train station
Aug 19Preview of Aug meeting: Habitat with AB Bishop; preview of Aug garden visit: Pam Yarra Garden, Heathmont; Visiting the top of Australia with Peter and Alison Rogers; review of July Garden Visit: Cameron Garden, Ringwood East; Olearia astroloba Marble Daisy-bush; Cranbourne Friends; Facebook for Maroondah Group; Vale Merv Hodge
Jun 19Preview of Jun meeting: Mangroves with Robert King; preview of Jun garden visit: Wombolano Park; May meeting: Hakeas
with Royce Raleigh; call for new committee members; Member Profile – Chris and Steve Fletcher; review of May Garden Visits; Gardens are always evolving by Pam Yarra
Mar 19Preview of Mar meeting: A Macro Photographic Journey through Nature, Nick Monaghan; review of Feb Members’ Night: Ryno Oppermann on Aspalathus linearis, Debbie Jerkovic & using recycled timber, Michael Cook & his new native garden, Dallas Boulton & her involvement with APS, Sue Bendel & caring for wildlife, Bill Aitchison & his Kimberley Coast expedition, Geoff Lay & some of the weird and wonderful plants he has seen in his travels, Joe Wilson & special small trees, Tim Morrow on the rainfall of local suburbs, Peter Rogers on Pimelea decora, the Flinders Poppy; review of Doongalla Forest, Mt Dandenong; News from Ray and Eva’s Garden and Koala release
Feb 19Preview of Feb garden visit; Eucalyptus lunata Eucalyptus ‘Moon Lagoon’; invitation to Maroondah Group hostng
March APS Victoria Meeting; Swainsona formosa Sturt’s Desert Pea; Caladenia colorata Colourful Spider-orchid; Coronidium waddelliae; Member Profile Deb Jerkovic