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Meets at 8pm on the first Tuesday of the month (except Cup Day and January).
Visitors are always very welcome.

Venue: Hughesdale Community Centre, Cnr Poath and Kangaroo Rds, Hughesdale. Google map link

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Leader: John Thompson   9598 6982
Secretary: Chris Bain

PO Box 8835, Armadale Vic 3143

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Edition Contents
May 24May meeting; 2024 rainfall; April Meeting; April Specimen Table; Pick of the Bunch- Banksia victoriae; Next Meeting
Apr 24April meeting; 2024 rainfall; March Meeting; March Specimen Table; Next Meeting; Pick of the Bunch; Events Diary; Promotions; Photo Gallery
Mar 24March meeting; 2024 rainfall; February Meeting; February Specimen Table; Next Meeting; Pick of the Bunch; Events Diary; Promotions; Photo Gallery
Feb 24February Meeting; December Meeting; December Specimen Table; Pick of the bunch Lambertia ericifolia; Road Works
Dec 23November Outing; Events diary; Photo Gallery
Nov 23Book sale; Oct meeting; Events diary; Promotions; Spotted Gum; Photo Gallery
Oct 23November Outing; Sept. Meeting; Specimen Table; Pick of the Bunch – Acacia urophylla; Next meeting; Events Diary; Promotions; Photo Gallery
Sep 23August Meeting; August Specimen Table; Pick of the Bunch – Olearia pimeleoides Pimelea Daisy-bush; A Week away-Quarterly/AGM/Pomonal Show
Aug 23Next meeting (AGM); Membership renewal; Daisies; Pick of the bunch – Hakea lehmannianna Blue Hakea; July Specimen Table; Macedon Snow gums Saved; Notice of AGM and nomination Form
Jul 23Library sell-off at AGM; Membership Renewals; June Meeting – Silo Art; Specimen table; Next Meeting; Pick of the Bunch – Acacia beckleri Barrier Range Wattle; Events diary; Notice of AGM; Promotions
Jun 23Rainfall; Membership Renewals; May Meeting – Banksia talk; Specimen table; Pick of the Bunch; Next Meeting; Events diary; Photo Gallery; Promotions
May 23
Apr 23
Mar 23
Feb 23
Dec 22
Nov 22
Oct 22
Sep 22
Aug 22
Jul 22
Jun 22May meeting: Bill Aitchison on the genus Daviesia; Acacia alata var. tetrantha Maslin Winged Wattle
May 22Apr meeting: Propagation Night; Our local allocasuarinas
Apr 22Mar meeting: Chris Long on Boronia Oil; Hypocalymma xanthopetalum Golden-flowered Myrtle; APS Vic COMM report
Mar 22Get to know blackwood better Dr Gregory Moore
Feb 22Dec AGM report; John Thompson Impressa award; Rhododendron lochiae Native Rhododendron; 2021 Leader’s, Secretary’s & Treasurer’s reports
Dec 21The Native Garden in January; Kuranga visit; AGM nomination form
Nov 21Doryanthes excelsa Gymea Lily; The Native Garden in November .. & December; In flower in Ray and Eva’s Garden; notice of AGM
Oct 21Red flowers in the garden in September; Peas in our garden; Cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets battle for nest space as the best old trees disappear
Sep 21Vale Pamela Sherlock; The Native Garden in September; Tawny Frogmouths & David Attenborough; Pomaderris aurea; AGM nominations
Aug 21July meeting: Chris Clarke on A Snapshot of Victorian Alpine Flora; Conostylis bealiana; Thismia sp. Fairy Lanterns
Jul 21Report on March APS Vic Quarterly; Not from the Specimen Table – 8, the genus Stenocarpus; The 50 beautiful Australian plants at greatest risk of extinction — and how to save them; AGM nomination form
Jun 21Review May meeting: Ivan and Marg Margitta “A Month of Wildflowers”; Acacia macradenia Zigzag Wattle; Critically-endangered Scaevola macrophylla found
May 21Apr mtg report: Trevor Blake on Malvaceae; Grevillea fililoba Ellendale Pool Grevillea; Mar Outing to the Jawbone Reserve
Apr 21March Meeting – Jawbone Marine Sanctuary; Calytrix fraseri Pink summer Calytrix
Mar 21The Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group; Planting trees in square holes; Feb meeting & “Early Botanical Exploration in Australia”; Lambertia orbifolia Round-leaf Honeysuckle
Feb 21John Thompson Impressa Award; Dec AGM; Not from the Specimen Table – 7; “Why the underground orchid is Australia’s strangest, most mysterious flower”
Dec 20Not from the Specimen Table – 7: Callicoma serratifolia; planned diary for 2021
Nov 20Not from the Specimen Table – 6; Famous Boab tree; Australian stinging trees
Oct 20Not from the Specimen Table – 5; In Marj’s Garden; The Story of Smoke
Sep 20Mandy’s Eucalypts; Australian Indoor Plants; Not from the Specimen Table – 4, By John Thompson; Maranoa Wattles; Membership form
Aug 20Mandy Louden’s Eucalypts; Blue Hakea – Hakea lehmannianna; Pruning banksias
Jul 20the genus Davidsonia or Davidson’s Plums; iNaturalist; Pilostyles – endoparasites; 2021 Membership form; AGM nominations
Jun 20Cuttsia virburnea; Wool Wanted; Sustainability in the Garden; Monitoring native wildlife in Australian cities; Australian Pea Study Group re-formation; Grass trees
May 20Vale Shirley Carn & Thelma Spice; Gardening in a Time of Stress
Apr 20Apr meeting cancellation; Mar meeting report: Miriam Ford on “Mint Bushes and Allied Genera”; Prostanthera densa
Mar 20Feb meeting report: Bill Aitcheson on “Small Wattles for your Garden”; Acacia sertiformis
Feb 20Report on Dec meeting: ‘Clear the Decks’ sale & member presentations; Myoporum floribundum Slender Myoporum
Dec 19Christmas Break-up & “Clear-the-decks” Sale; Nov outing to Kuranga
Nov 19Review of John Arnott on “Care for the Rare”; Brachychiton ormeau Ormeau Bottle Tree; Spines & Cyanide – Hakea protection
Oct 19Preview of next meeting: John Arnott on “Care for the Rare”; review of Sep with Mike Beamish on The Pilbara; Correa reflexa; APS Vic COMM & AGM; Winners of the 2019 Australian Native Plant Awards
Sep 19Preview of next meeting: Mike Beamish on The Pilbara; review of Aug meeting: Neil Humphries on “Australian Native Essential Oils”; Eucalyptus formanii Forman’s Mallee, Die Hardy Mallee
Aug 19Preview of next meeting: Neil Humphreys on Australian native essential oils; review of AGM & July meeting; Ph – What is it and is it important to the home gardener?; Thysanotus tuberosus Common Fringe Lily; Leader’s, Secretary’s & Treasurer’s Annual Reports
Jul 19Notice of AGM; Soil-testing kit; June meeting: Chris Larkin and Janet Hodgkiss on Pruning Australian Natives; Hakea cristata Snail Hakea; Australian Indoor Plants
Jun 19May meeting: Christine Huf on plants & soil in forensics; Adenanthos ileticos Club-leaf Adenanthos
May 19preview of May talk by Christine Huf on Forensics in the Garden; review of Apr meeting: John Thompson on “Correas and their “Rellies”; Ptilotus manglesii Rose Tipped Mulla Mulla; APS Vic Neutrog arrangement
Apr 19review of Mar talk by Marj Seaton on Arnhem Land; Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Tree
Mar 19review of Feb talk “What Fungi do in Ecosystems” by Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher; growing cuttings of Goodeneaceae
from cuttings; Scaevola aemula Fairy Fan-flower
Feb 19Babingtonia camphorosmae Camphor Myrtle; ANPSA Conference in Albany: preview of tours
Dec 18review of Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens Nov excursion; Bush Walk nursery for sale
Nov 18review of Cathy Powers’ Oct talk on Grasslands – a disappearing habitat; Thomasia triphylla
Oct 182019 calendar available; review of Mike Beamish’s Sep talk on the Kimberley; Eucalyptus rhodantha Rose Mallee; The Chemical Nutrition of Plants – Ted Symes
Sep 18review of Aug AGM and photo competition and slides; Grevillea rosmarinifolia Rosemary Grevillea; reports from the AGM
Aug 18preview of Aug AGM and agenda; review of July talk by Dr Greg Moore on The Evolution of Plants: ”How Brilliant are Plants”; Sustainability in Glen Eira; Hakea cristata Snail Hakea; Bees need food; Memberships due
Jul 18Preview of July meeting: Greg Moore on Arboriculture; review of John Thompson’s June meeting talk on Cranbourne Friends’ Wildflower Tour of WA 2017; Correa pulchella Mackay ex Sweet; advance notice of August AGM and position nomination form
May 18Calendar/photo competition; Cranbourne Garden ambassadors; call for Goodeniaceae photos for FJC Rogers Seminar; Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel Tree
Apr 18Photo competition; review of Mike Beamish’s talk on “The Top End”; Lambertia uniflora
Mar 18Cranbourne Gardens’ Nuytsia tree; review of Anne Langmaid’s talk about Eremophilas; Thomasia solanacea