Australian Plants Society (Victoria)

Promoting the Appreciation and Preservation of Australian Plants

Melton Bacchus Marsh Meeting

at Botanica Springs Community Centre, 249 Clarkes Road Brookfield

Dinner at Tabcorp Park at 6pm

Annual General Meeting

This year, the current  President and Vice President will have completed their maximum 3 years in the position. Along with the Secretary, which is still vacant, we will be looking for members to fill these positions and ask for nominations for all positions. This will also include the Treasurer’s position.

Please consider yourself, or nominating someone, for a position. Help make this club great.

As an alternative to the main committee, consider becoming the Newsletter Editor as this role will also become vacant. It is a great way to keep involved in the club and I have learned a lot from the bits of research that I have elected to do.

Photo competition

This year’s categories for the photo competition are:

  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Black & White
  • Open (photographer’s choice)

Have a think about how you can incorporate these in a garden/plant related setting. Think outside the box – for example, red could represent fire. Add a title as an explanation (no more than 5 words) if you like. The categories don’t need to be taken literally. Show your creativity.

Three (3) photos per person per category

Send your photos to Christine by Friday 6th September

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