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Growing Australian
… a resource kit for your home garden in Victoria
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Written by experienced, practical APS Victoria members for gardeners of all levels from beginner to expert, this resource kit will introduce you to Australian native plants and their use in every type of garden.

Environmental changes brought about by our current drier climate make it more compelling than ever to plant Australian plants native to our arid regions for colourful, low-water use gardens.

Designed to be adaptable, fluid and personal, the full kit comes in a three ring binder, with the content in clear plastic sheaths. This allows for additions of personal material, replacement of pages when updates are issued and, of course, portability.

Included with the full kit is a compact disc (CD), which contains, in PDF format, all the content plus the colourful divider and front cover pages. Use it to print pages as required, thereby keeping the folder in pristine condition.
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The CD is available for purchase by itself without the binder and printed content.
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Even those very familiar with Australian native plants will find this ‘kit’ most valuable.


Why grow Australian?
Know your space
Your Area – Your Needs
Concept and creation
Introduction – The Grand Plan!
Information, Ideas and Inspiration
What To Do With What You’ve Got
Garden Design
Choosing and planting
Introduction – Choosing and Planting
Things To Consider Before Buying
Planting Out
Watch them grow
Introduction – Watch Them Grow
Watch Them Grow
Attracting Wildlife
Enjoying Your Garden
Plants for you
Introduction – Plants For You
Plant lists provided by APS District Groups throughout Victoria
Grow your own
Introduction – Grow Your Own
Getting Children Involved

Genius of genus
Introduction – Genius of Genus
Information Pages…
– Acacias
– Banksias
– Brachyscomes
– Correas
– Eremophilas
– Eucalypts
– Grevilleas
– Hakeas
– Lomandras
– Melaleucas
Location! Location!
Introduction – Location! Location!
Planting In Dry Climates
Gardening In Small Spaces
Australian Plants in Containers
Membership and references
Introduction – Membership and References
– District Groups
– APS Victoria
– Study Groups
Membership Form
Gift Certificate Example
Nursery List

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Available in Two Formats

Compact Disc
Just insert the disc into your computer’s CD drive to read and print the contents.
Acrobat ® Reader Version 9 included on the CD

Price: $13.00 each
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Resource kit CD cover

Attractive Loose-leaf Binder and CD
This A4 size loose-leaf binder plus the CD gives you the flexibility to update content as new pages become available, add your own pages, take this excellent Resource Kit with you wherever you go and to print pages as required.

Price: $50.00 each
(Victoria only, includes postage & handling)
Interstate and overseas orders are separately priced. For a quotation ….
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