Australian Plants Society Victoria: promoting Australian plants for more than 50 years

swabyArthur Swaby had a deep conviction that Australian plants deserved a prominent place in Australian horticulture. For several years he wrote a column called “Know Your Natives” in the popular gardening magazine Your Garden. In 1957, inspired by enthusiastic interest in his column, he called a meeting for anyone who liked to grow Australian native plants. The response was overwhelming, and the Society for Growing Australian Plants was established in Victoria. Now, there are 29 District Groups across Victoria, and APS Victoria is a member of ANPSA – The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia), Australia’s largest horticultural society.


Australian plant landscape
© Jenny Kelso

Our Objectives:

? Promote growing Australian plants in home gardens and public places ? Encourage the nursery industry to propagate and supply Australian plants ? Improve Australian plants as garden subjects ? Encourage the recognition and development of distinctive landscape styles and forms using Australian plants ? Encourage and facilitate the conservation and study of Australian plants and their habitats ? Monitor and encourage the strengthening of the laws for preservation of flora

Honour Board

The Society has three awards recognising those who have made special contributions: Honorary Life Membership For people who have made an outstanding contribution towards furthering the Society’s aims Impressa Award For members who have rendered outstanding service in one of the following categories: ? Outstanding service to the Australian Plants Society Victoria Inc ? Outstanding service to a District Group ? Outstanding service to Australian Native Plants ? Outstanding service to Conservation and Sustainability Certificate of Commendation For members who have rendered distinguished service to the Society worthy of acknowledgement and commendation

Honorary Life Members

1957 Thistle Harris* (Mrs D G Stead)
Miss Jean Galbraith*
Miss Alison Ashby*
Mr George Althofer*
Mr Dave Gordon*
Mr Alf Gray*
Mr Ivo Hammet*
Mr Frederick Payne*
1961 Mr A Hargrave*
1963 Mr Arthur Swaby*
1972 Miss Enid Bowman* Mr Fred Rogers*
1974 Dr Jim Willis* Mrs Marielies Fisch*
1978 Mr Laurie Baglin Mrs Freda Baglin* Mr Mal Erskine
1982 Mr Tom Blackney* Mrs Hazel Blackney*
1983 Mr Alf Salkin* Mrs Esma Salkin*
1984 Mr Fred Jeffs*
1986 Mr Bill Cane*
1987 Mr Rodger Elliot Mrs Gwen Elliot
1988 Mr Glyn Sago*
1990 Mr Alby Lindner* Mr David Davie*
1993 Mrs Beryl Birch* Mr Ross Field
1994 Mrs Bev Fox
1995 Mr Bill Gunn*
Mrs Doris Gunn
Mr George Smith* Mrs Alvina Smith
1996 Mrs Stephanie Rennick*
1998 Mr Paul Kennedy Mrs Barbara Kennedy
1999 Mrs Cherree Densley
2000 Mr Ern Perkins* Mrs Lesley Perkins Mrs June Rogers
2001 Ms Nicky Zanen (Rose)
2002 Mrs Marilyn Bull (Gray)
2005 Mrs Norma Bathie
2007 Mrs Barbara Buchanan
2008 Mr Bill Aitchison Ms Sue Guymer
2011 Mrs Helen Kennedy
2012 Mr Neil Marriott
2015 Mr Ross McDonald
2016 Mr Brendon Stahl
2017 Mrs Cathy Powers
2019 Mr Royce Raleigh Mrs Maureen Schaumann

* = (Deceased)

Impressa Award

for outstanding service to for outstanding service to
2014 Philip Robinson* District Group Virginia Barnett APS Victoria
2017 Paul Kennedy APS Victoria Kevin Sparrow District Group
Judy and Keith Smith Conservation and Environment
2019 Maree Goods Australian Native Plants Jeanne Raleigh APS Victoria

Certificates of Commendation

1986 Peg Flattely Carl Rayner
1988 Alvina Smith
1990 Ross McDonald
1996 Valerie Marburg*
1998 Don Weybury* Jean Weybury
1999 Beverley Graham*
2000 Agnes Coxan
2005 Tony Moore Brenda Moore Karen Russell
2007 David Pye
Barbara Pye
Tony Cavanagh
John Nagorcka
Laurel Nagorcka
Jan Hall
Alan Hall*
Peter Lang
Marion Lang
Brendon Stahl
Kerry Artis
Anne Kerr
Bryan Loft
Barry Norton
Sue Gwilym
2008 Ngaire Turner
Max Kennedy
Helen Kennedy
Glenda Datson
Noel Gaskett
Graham Goods
Maree Goods
Royce Raleigh
Jeanne Raleigh
JanBert Brouwer*
Mabel Brouwer
Norma Boschen
Keith Boschen
Douglas McColl
Evelyn McColl
Keith Buck
Joy Buck
Anne Langmaid
2009 Bruce Grose
2010 John Facey*
Graeme Rowe
Sybil Smith
Bob O’Neil
Dot O’Neil
Lance Lewis
Judith Lewis
Pat McKeown
Phil Williams
Jane Williams*
2011 Bernard Boulton
Dallas Boulton
Raymond Sykes*
Kathleen Sykes
Patricia Ettwell
Ian Graham
2012 Graeme Nicholls
Jan Nicholls
Ian O’Halloran*
Bob Shoebridge
Mike Williams
Graeme Woods
2013 Marlee Petrie
Graeme Stone
Joan Carr John Thompson
2014 Russell Best*
Geoff Beilby
Kerry Davis
Phil Hempel
Joan Rand*
2017 Ron Powers
2019 Shirley Carn*

* = (Deceased)

Presidents of Australian Plants Society Victoria

1957 – 1959 Ivo Hammett 1959 Jim Addison
1959 – 1960 Adrian Francis 1960 – 1964 Geoff Echberg
1964 – 1968 Fred Rogers 1968 – 1970 Tom Blackney
1970 – 1973 Barrie Norton 1973 – 1975 Tom Blackney
1975 – 1978 David Fletcher 1978 – 1982 Ross McDonald
1982 -1986 David Davie 1986 – 1988 Bruce Grose
1988 – 1991 Ross Field 1991 – 1994 Cherree Densley
1994 – 1997 Royce Raleigh 1997 – 2001 Nicky Zanen
2001 – 2004 Neil Marriott 2004 – 2007 Paul Kennedy
2007 – 2010 Brendon Stahl 2010 – 2013 Cathy Powers
2013 – 2016 Greg Brown 2016 – 2019 Chris Long
2019 – current Chris Clarke