Fire Resistant and Retardant Plants

These plants have been found to provide some degree of protection during bushfires.

neil_marriottThe lists were compiled by Mr Neil Marriott based on the experiences of APS Victoria members, many of whom have properties in fire-prone areas which have been affected by bushfires.

Please note that this information is of a general nature and is provided subject to our Terms of Use.

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During extreme bushfire events neither these nor other plant types will protect your property.
Good design and use of the plants listed will, however, reduce the chance of being burnt out.

Simple test to gauge the fire vulnerability of the trees and shrubs in your garden:

When fire restrictions permit burning off, throw a small sample of foliage from each tree and shrub onto a fire and see how much it flares up.

Consider removing plants with foliage which flares fiercely.

Fire Resistant Plants. Plants that will not burn in the face of continued flame:

Botanical name Common name Botanical name Common name
Atriplex cinerea Coast Saltbush Maireana oppositifolia Heathy Bluebush
Atriplex leptocarpa Slender-fruit Saltbush Maireana pentagona Hairy Bluebush
Atriplex limbata Spreading Saltbush Maireana pentatropis Erect Bluebush
Atriplex lindleyi Flat-top Saltbush Maireana pyramidata Sago Bush
Atriplex nummularia Old-man Saltbush Maireana radiata Radiant Bluebush
Atriplex rhagodioides Silver Saltbush Maireana rohrlachii Rohrlach’s Bluebush
Atriplex semibaccata Berry Saltbush Maireana sedifolia Pearl Bluebush
Atriplex vesicaria Bladder Saltbush Maireana turbinata Satiny Bluebush
Carpobrotus glaucescens Bluish Pigface Melia azedarach White Cedar
Carpobrotus modestus Inland Pigface Mimulus repens Creeping Monkey-flower
Carpobrotus rossii Karkalla Myoporum insulare Common Boobialla
Carpobrotus virescens Pigface Myoporum parvifolium Creeping Myoporum
Chenopodium desertorum Frosted Goosefoot Rhagodia candolleana Seaberry Saltbush
Disphyma crassifolium ssp clavellatum Rounded Noon-flower Rhagodia crassifolia Fleshy Saltbush
Einadia hastata Saloop Rhagodia parabolica Fragrant Saltbush
Einadia nutans ssp nutans Nodding Saltbush Rhagodia spinescens Hedge Saltbush
Enchylaena tomentosa Ruby Saltbush Sarcozona praecox Sarcozona
Eremophila debilis Creeping Emu-bush Scaevola calendulacea Dune Fan-flower
Hakea salicifolia Willow-leaved hakea    
Maireana brevifolia Short-leaf Bluebush Scaevola hookeri Creeping Fan-flower
Maireana decalvans Black Cotton-bush Sclerolaena diacantha Grey Copperburr
Maireana enchylaenoides Wingless Bluebush Sclerolaena spp All Copperburrs
Maireana erioclada Rosy Bluebush Selliera radicans Shiny Swamp-mat
Maireana excavata Bottle Bluebush Zygophyllum apiculatum Pointed Twin-leaf
Maireana georgei Slit-wing Bluebush Zygophyllum billardierei Coast Twin-leaf
Maireana microphylla Small-leaf Bluebush Zygophyllum spp All Twin-leaf plants

Fire Retardant Plants. Plants that will not burn in the first wave of a bushfire, but may burn once dried out:

Botanical name Common name Botanical name Common name
Acacia acinacea Gold-dust Wattle Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia Green Rock-fern
Acacia argyrophylla Silver Mulga Cheilanthes sieberi Narrow Rock-fern
Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle Coprosma hirtella Rough Coprosma
Acacia binervia Coast Myall Corymbia maculata Spotted Gum
Acacia brachybotrya Grey Mulga Cyathea australis Rough Tree-fern
Acacia buxifolia Box-leaf Wattle Derwentia derwentiana Derwent Speedwell
Acacia caerulescens Limestone Blue Wattle Dianella brevicaulis Small-flower Flax-lily
Acacia cardiophylla Wyalong Wattle Dianella callicarpa Swamp Flax-lily
Acacia cultriformis Knife-leaf Wattle Dianella longifolia Pale Flax-lily
Acacia Cyclops Western Coastal Wattle Dianella revoluta Black-anther Flax-lily
Acacia dealbata Silver Wattle Dianella tarda Late-flower Flax-lily
Acacia deanei Deane’s Wattle Dianella tasmanica Tasman Flax-lily
Acacia decora Western Silver Wattle Dichondra repens Kidney-weed
Acacia decurrens Early Black-wattle Doodia aspera Prickly Rasp-fern
Acacia elata Cedar Wattle Doodia australis Common Rasp-fern
Acacia farinosa Mealy Wattle Eremophila deserti Waterbush
Acacia fimbriata Fringed Wattle Eremophila saligna White Emu-bush
Acacia floribunda White Sallow-wattle Eremophila santalina Sandalwood Emu-bush
Acacia glandulicarpa Hairy-pod Wattle Ficus macrophylla Moreton Bay Fig
Acacia howittii Sticky Wattle Ficus rubiginosa Rusty Fig
Acacia implexa Lightwood Frankenia pauciflora Southern Sea-heath
Acacia iteaphylla Flinders Range Wattle Grevillea nudiflora Leafless-flowered Grevillea
Acacia kettlewelliae Buffalo Wattle Hymenosporum flavum Native Frangipani
Acacia ligulata Small Cooba Lagunaria patersoni Lord Howe Island Hibiscus
Acacia mearnsii Black Wattle Lasiopetalum macrophyllum Shrubby Velvet-bush
Acacia melanoxylon Blackwood Lasiopetalum schulzenii Drooping Velvet-bush
Acacia microcarpa Manna Wattle Myoporum acuminatum Boobialla
Acacia nano-dealbata Dwarf Silver Wattle Myoporum bateae Pink Boobialla
Acacia obliquinervia Mountain Hickory Wattle Myoporum montanum Waterbush
Acacia oswaldii Umbrella Wattle Myoporum petiolatum Sticky Boobialla
Acacia pendula Weeping Myall Myoporum platycarpum Sugarwood
Acacia penninervis Hickory Wattle Myoporum velutinum Woolly Boobialla
Acacia podalyriifolia Queensland Silver Wattle Pittosporum angustifolium Weeping Pittosporum
Acacia pravissima Ovens Wattle Pittosporum bicolor Banyalla
Acacia prominens Gosford or Golden Rain Wattle Pittosporum phylliraeoides Butterbush
Acacia salicina Willow Wattle Pittosporum revolutum Rough-fruit Pittosporum
Acacia saligna Golden Wreathe Wattle    
Acacia stenophylla Eumong Scleranthus biflorus Twin-flower Knawel
Acacia terminalis Sunshine Wattle Senecio odoratus Scented Groundsel
Acacia vestita Hairy Wattle Senecio pinnatifolius Variable Groundsel
Ajuga australis Austral Bugle Solanum aviculare Kangaroo Apple
Alectryon oleifolius ssp canescens Cattle Bush Solanum esuriale Quena
Alyxia buxifolia Sea Box Solanum laciniatum Large Kangaroo Apple
Angophora costata Smooth-barked Apple Solanum simile Oondoroo
Brachychiton populneus Kurrajong Syzigium (Acmena) smithii Lilly Pilly
Bursaria spinosa Sweet Bursaria Viola hederacea Ivy-leaf Violet


WARNING: Recent research has shown that Pittosporum undulatum Sweet Pittosporum, which was previously on the fire retardant list, has now proven to be highly flammable once dried out and heated up by bushfires. It should NEVER be planted as it is also one of the most invasive weeds in our bushland. If you have already planted this species, it is recommended that you remove it immediately, as it is no longer safe to leave in your gardens or firebreaks, and is a serious threat to our bushland.