14th FJC Rogers Seminar 2022, on the Plant Sub-family Faboideae


“Fabulous Peas”
15th and 16th October 2022
York on Lilydale, Mount Evelyn, Victoria

The 14th FJC Rogers Seminar will be hosted by APS Maroondah on the subject “Fabulous Peas”. We will focus on plants from the Sub-family Faboideae, recognised by their typical pea-shaped flowers. There are about 1200 species within Australia and about 190 species in Victoria.

The venue for Saturday is York on Lilydale in Mt Evelyn and this is the departure point for Sunday’s garden bus tours. There is some accommodation available at this venue, as well as a lot of other options nearby. It is also very handy to Kuranga Native Nursery, which will stay open between the Saturday lectures and dinner, for you to buy plants or go to the cafe.

Peas have been chosen for this seminar because they are great plants! They are found throughout Australia so there will be peas to suit all garden conditions. A large number of genera provide plants with great variety. A rainbow of flower colours is seen – sometimes within the one flower. Some of the prostrate peas can form large mats and be quite vibrant, whilst some peas have much more subtle colours and forms. Another feature is their highly diverse foliage, or lack of it. Peas are pioneer plants. This means that most species are also fantastic at fixing nitrogen in the soil and hence are highly beneficial to all the plants in our gardens. Peas can be found in virtually every habitat, and range from herbs and shrubs to vines and trees. Another reason for choosing peas as the seminar topic is to expand the available information on this family.

The seminar will cover subjects including how to identify the major genera, how to propagate and how to grow pea plants. We hope choosing peas as the seminar topic may expand our knowledge and encourage us to find places for a few more peas in our gardens.

We will have a number of grafted Sturts Desert Peas as well as a range of other interesting pea plants for sale in the courtyard at the weekend. The popular book sales will also be there.On Sunday, our bus trip will visit beautiful gardens to the east of Melbourne, with an emphasis on the pea plants growing there. Please send expressions of interest to our email address

We look forward to catching up with you in October 2022.

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