Australian Plants Society (Victoria)

Promoting the Appreciation and Preservation of Australian Plants

Useful Online Resources

Australian Government

Australian National Botanic Gardens
ANBG – Botanical Databases
ANBG – Growing Native Plants
(On-line version of the popular booklets. Additions being made all the time.)
ANBG – Australian Plant Census
(A concise database of currently accepted plant names and name changes.)
ANBG – Australian Plant Name Index
(A complete database of plant names, including cultivars, and their usage in the scientific literature, whether as a current name or synonym.)
ANBG – Registered Cultivars
(A list of registered cultivars derived from Australian native flora.)
ANBG – Plant Common Names
(A database of the common names of Australian plants and their equivalent scientific name.)
ANBG – Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
ANBG – Botanical Web Portal
(Excellent gateway to many resources for obtaining information about and identifying Australian plants)

Government Directory

(Structure, Organisations, Key People)

Department of the Environment

Flora databases
Threatened Species and Ecological Communities

Weeds in Australia

Victorian Government

Department of Environment and Primary Industries

Information Notes
Myrtle Rust
(This fungal disease attacks Eucalypts (Gum trees), bottle brushes, tea trees, Lilly Pillys, paperbarks and other species of the Myrtaceae plant family. Report infestations IMMEDIATELY Phone: 1800 084 881 [Victorian DEPI])
Salinity Indicator Plants
Victoria’s Biodiversity Atlas

Victoria’s Climate Change Program
Environment Protection Authority
Parks Victoria
Royal Botanic Gardens

RBG – Australia’s Virtual Herbarium
RBG – Cranbourne
RBG – Melbourne


Comprehensive and current guide to the wild plants of Victoria. The species profiles and identification tools provided by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

Waterwatch Victoria

Other Sources of Information

Course in Horticulture – Open Colleges
Atlas of Living Australia

A national initiative focused on making Australia’s biodiversity information more accessible and usable online.

Australian Bushfoods Magazine
Australian Flora Foundation
Australasian Native Orchid Society
ANPSA’s Internet Link Collection
Birdlife Australia

BowerBird is an Australia-wide socially networked, web-based, community, biodiversity workspace for biological communication and sharing.

Field Naturalists Club of Victoria

(Native seed resource)

Flowers for Bees

(Many are native flowers)

Flowers Instead of Pesticides

(Many are native flowers)

Habitat Stepping Stones

A not-for-profit program that helps people create wildlife-friendly stopovers in their own backyards.

Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association
Museum Victoria – Bioinformatics

(Database of the fauna of Victoria)


NatureShare is a web-based database for groups and individuals to set up species ‘collections’ for their own property, parks, reserves, etc. It is free to use. All that is required is a web browser and Internet connection.

Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society
Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria
Tree Project

Revegetating the Victorian landscape with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses.

Wetlands Information

Information and pictures about wetlands, their plants and animals.