APS Bendigo

Golden Square Community Centre

Meets at 7:30pm on the third Tuesday of the month (except December and January).

Venue: The Golden Square Community Centre, 9 Old High St, Golden Square.

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Membership fees: $17 (newsletter posted) or $12 (newsletter emailed) or $6 (student with emailed newsletters) + Australian Plants Society Victoria membership fees.
2018/19 Membership Form

President: Tony Brown
Secretary: Sandra Birch   0400 149 319

PO Box 669, Bendigo Vic 3552

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Edition Contents
Oct 19 Sep 19 meeting: Ian Evans on Brachychitons; vale Ian O’Halloran
Sep 19 Leptomeria aphylla Leafless Currant-bush; Aug meeting review: Derek Fraser on Poisonous Plants
Aug 19 Acacia beckleri; Jul meeting review: Philip Vaughan “Plants New To Cultivation”
Jul 19 The APS Vic website; review of Jun meeting: Ken Wellard – Indigenous and Native Perennial Forage Shrubs; Dryandra arborea in the Die Hardy Ranges, W.A.; Acacia heugelii; Diplolaena sp.; Eremophila maculata ssp maculata ‘Cerise’; Acacia genistifolia ‘Spreading Wattle’
Apr 19 Some Local Grevilleas: Grevillea obtecta, Grevillea dryophylla ‘Goldfields Grevillea’; review of Mar talk: Catriona Bate and Phil Trickett on Isopogons and Petrophiles
Mar 19 Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel Tree; Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Tree; Grevillea leptobotrys; Chrysocephalum semipapposum; Olearia leptophylla; Feb talk: Ian Evans on Fertilizer; Xerochrysum bracteatum Golden Everlasting
Feb 19 Homalanthus populifolius ‘Bleeding Heart Tree’ or ‘Queensland Poplar’; Nov presentation: Marilyn Bull – remote WA & Mt. Augustus
Nov 18 We’re getting a new name!; Oct Presentation: Top End Grevilleas – Ian Evans; Lysiosepalum abollatum; Grevillea longistyla x johnsonii; Eremophila densiflora ssp densiflora; Prostanthera aspalathoides
Oct 18 Sep Presentation: Bush Foods with Sharnie Hamilton; Eucalyptus stoatei ‘Scarlet Pear Gum’; E. woodwardii ‘Lemon Flowered Gum’; Grevillea rosmarinifolia; Dampiera rosmarinifolia
Sep 18 Acacia ausfeldii; August 2018 Presentation: Pruning with Ian; Committee of Management Report and APSVIC AGM;
Aug 18 Acacia aphylla, Acacia denticulosa, Acacia merinthophora; July 2018 Presentation: Garden For The Future, Brad Crème; vicflora.rbg.vic.gov.au & hortflora.rbg.vic.gov.au; Bendigo recycling
Jul 18 membership renewals due; Viola hederacea; June 2018 Presentation: Grevilleas, Graeme Woods; May 2018 Presentation – Dryandras, Tony Cavanagh
Jun 18 brief reports on Garden Of The Future official opening on 22 April and visit to Melton Botanic Gardens; Grevillia bipinnatifida – the Great Survivor!
Apr 18 review of Ian Evans’ March presentation Eucalypts for Small Gardens; More Plant Name info from Lisa – Part 4
Mar 18 review of Feb Foliage Discussion, led by Ian Evans; Zoe Thomas and A Memo About the Hobart Conference January 2018
Feb 18 Eric Wilkinson on Graptophyllum excelsum (Scarlet Fuchsia); review of November Presentation: Burrendong and Beyond by Tony Brown