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We hold our meetings in accordance with current Covid resrictions, observe Covid-safe practices and have plans in place to hold our meetings via Zoom should there be a snap lockdown.

You are very welcome to join us, both in person or via Zoom as the case may be. Please contact us via email so we can send you the link if we have to hold our meeting via Zoom. 

Evening meetings are held at 7:45pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month (except school holidays)
Venue: Knox Park Primary School, Kathryn Road, Knoxfield. Google map link

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Leader: Janet Hodgkiss
Deputy Leader: Vacant
Secretary: Nicky Zanen
Treasurer: Chris Larkin
Ordinary Member: Betty Wright

Newsletter editor: Kerry Davis Email
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Enquiries: Nicky Zanen: 9761 1933
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PO Box 65, Boronia Vic 3155

October 2022September meeting: The Life and Times of Lake Mountain – Liz Triggs; Hochkins Ridge Walk; Bossiaeas on the Bench – Chris Larkin.
September 2022August meeting: Getting to know the locals, Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve and Bungalook Conservation Reserve – Chris Larkin; Hardenbergia – one of the pea plant genera on the bench – Chris Larkin; Yorke Peninsula, SA and Swan Reserve, Vic – Monika Herrmann; October members’ meeting – Growing Australian Plants in Pots and Containers: Guidelines for members.
August 2022Thryptomene – Chris Larkin; Foothills Trivia Questions and Answers; May 2021 Continuation through NW Victoria – Pink Lakes and Rocket Lake in Murray-Sunset NP, Hattah-Kulkyne NP, and Murray-Kulkyne NP – Monika Herrmann.
Jun-July 2022JUN 2022: Day meeting Closure; Call for Committee Members; May evening meeting: SGAP/APS Foothills: The First 50 Years – Nicky Zanen; Specimen table highlights: Grevillea speciosa ssp. dimorpha forms, Grevillea aspera – Chris Larkin; Plant Review: Correa ‘Perfect Pollinator’ – Liz Triggs; May Day meeting: Trevor Blake – Banksias.
JUL 2022: Last Day meeting; June meeting – Five Slides; Sensory Garden at Knox Park Primary School; Plants from the bench: Acacia podalyriifolia, Grevillea sericea – Chris Larkin; Weed Watch: Romulea rosea, Onion Weed – Chris Larkin; May 2021, A two-week trip through NW Victoria, Wyperfeld NP, Rocket Lake and Hattah-Kulkyne NP – Monika Herrmann; Membership Form.
Apr-May 2022APR 2022: Day meeting: Geoff Lay – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania; APS Victoria at MIFGS;
March evening meeting: Alex Smart – River Red Gum; Bracket Fungus by Chris Larkin;
Flannel Flowers by Chris Larkin.  
MAY 2022: Grevillea rhyolitica and its hybrids by Chris Larkin; April Evening meeting;
Royce Raleigh – Kimberley Adventure; April day meeting: Bill Aitchison – APS Books;
Feb-Mar 2022FEB 2022: Foothills five and half year round-up; Bits and Pieces – Duck Orchids, Imperial White Butterfly, Billy Buttons, Dinner Plain by Monika Hermann; Melaleuca calothamnoides and Melaleuca wilsonii by Chris Larkin; Foothills end of year break up.
MAR 2022: Strap-leaf and strap-like plants: variety and function by Chris Larkin; The Bad and the Beautiful – summer weather effect on plants and scrub wren nest; February day meeting: Graeme Nicholls – Hints on Propagation and Grafting; Foothills 50th anniversary: Stringybark Festival; Vale Judy Barker; Scutellaria spp.; Brunoniella pumilio.
Oct-Nov 2021OCT 2021: September Day meeting: Member’s Slides – what brings me pleasure; September Evening member’s meeting led by Chris Larkin – Australian Plants for Dry Shade; Four common Hoveas – how to tell the difference by Bev Fox.
NOV 2021:
October Day meeting: John Harris – Wildlife of the Australian Rainforests – The Lesser Known States; October Evening Meeting: Bill Aitchison – A look at the genus Daviesia; Flannel Flower, Actinotus helianthi by Maureen Schaumann; Grevillea olivacea by Chris Larkin; Bits and Pieces from a Foothills Garden by Monika Hermann.
Aug-Sep 2021AUG 2021: July Day meeting: Chris Larkin – Hakeas; July Evening meeting: 2021 Quiz questions and answers.
SEPT 2021: August Evening meeting: Australian Native plants and Flowers – the unusual and beautiful (a member’s show and tell meeting); August Day meeting: Helen Lovell – Neutrog; Weed Watch (Araceae) by Chris Larkin and Janet Hodgkiss; Bits and Pieces from a Foothills garden by Monika Herrmann
Jun-Jul 2021JUN 2021: May Evening meeting: Cathy Powers – Profiling the Brisbane Ranges; Chris Larkin – Renovating the Garden; May Day meeting: Chris Clarke – Flora of the Australian Alps; Focus on Plants – Chris Larkin.
JUL 2021: June Evening meeting double billing: Jean Bellis – Silo Art : Shirley Smith – Bushfire regeneration in East Gippsland – a visit Mallacoota and Orbost; Frog Pond – placement, plants and design considerations; Wind in the Wattles – Monika Herrmann; Membership renewal form and instructions.
Apr-May 2021APR 2021: March Evening Meeting: Liesbeth Uitjewaal – Aussies in a (Dutch) Cowshed; Australian Plants Revealed seminars online; March Day meeting: Cathy Powers – Observations of Moths, Butterflies and Pollination.
MAY 2021: April Evening meeting: Janet Hodgkiss – Warrnambool Garden visits and the Great ocean Road; Two small Eucalypts, E. orbifolia and E. websteriana by Chris Larkin; Australian Plants at Knox Park Primary School.
Feb-Mar 2021FEB 2021: Australian Plant Revealed seminar presentations on YouTube; Can anyone help – fungal infection on Correa?
MAR 2021: Evening meeting: Five Slides; Acknowledgement of Country feedback request from members; February propagation day; Opportunity or Curse: Self-seeded plants – Chris Larkin.
Oct-Nov 2020OCT 2020: September evening meeting: AGM and Quiz (questions and answers); Some Indigenous Plants – Monika Herrmann; Philothecas can take the hard chop – Chris Larkin; Day meeting: Great Victorian Desert through the camera of Rolf and commentary of Monika Herrmann.
NOV 2020: October day meeting: Wilson’s Promontory – Geoff Lay; Knox City Council Stringybark Virtual Festival 2020; October evening meeting: Dry Weather Gardening – The mounding and channelling approach – Kerry Davis; Isopogon dubius and Isopogon formosus – Chris Larkin; Bits and Pieces from a Foothills garden – Monika Herrmann.
Aug-Sept 2020AUG 2020: Scaevola porocarya chases away the winter blues – Janet Hodgkiss; Some garden favourites – Kerry Davis; Foothills Facebook competition No. 2; Member news; Visit to Yarrawonga Presentation – Nicky Zanen.
SEPT 2020: Aug Evening meeting: Miriam Ford – Members of the Prostantheroideae highlighting Prostanthera and Westringia; Happy Hibbertias – Pam Yarra; The Strappy Difference – Chris Larkin; Bits and Pieces – Monika Herrmann; Bee Hotels – Jean Bellis; Pics from Val Henry’s Garden – Val Henry.
Jun-Jul 2020JUNE 2020: More notes from the Garden June 2020 – Chris Larkin; Can’t see the Wood for the Trees – Monika Herrmann; Vale Barry Sanders; Some Gardening Tips from Shirley Carn – Nicky Zanen; Adventures on Facebook – Nicky Zanen; Australian Pea Flower Study Group – Shirley Mclaran.
JUL 2020: Foothills Publicity doing a great job; iNaturalist – Janet Hodgkiss; Plant Review – Grevillea ‘Molly’ – Liz Triggs; Day meeting report; Vale Trix Chambers; The garden as the mother of its own invention – Chris Larkin;
Apr-May 2020APR 2020: Mar Day meeting: Bev Hanson – Landscaping in the Natural Style and Principles for Designing an Informal Garden; Weather, Weeds and Wonder – Chris Larkin;
MAY 2020: Garden report – Monika Herrmann; Ferns – Monika Herrmann; Foothills Facebook Page – Correa photo competition; Plant review – Acacia floribunda ‘Little Flori’ – Liz Triggs; Weather you like it or not – Chris Larkin; Some Like it Wet, Very Wet – Chris Larkin; Two plants that work well in my garden – Bev Fox.
Feb-Mar 2020FEB 2020: Nov evening meeting: Fungi of Fraser Island – Peter Bellis; Southern Africa trip – Nicky Zanen.
MAR 2020: Feb evening meeting: Dr Sapphire Mc Mullen-Fisher – Fire and Fungi; Australian Plants Revealed – Twin Exhibitions at Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery and Karwarra Australian Botanic Garden and Nursery – Janet Hodgkiss; Feb day meeting: Mike Williams and Ray Barnes – Adventures of Barnesy & Willy – Western Australia 2017 Part 2.
Oct-Nov 2019OCT 2019: Sept day meeting: David and Barbara Pye – Melton Botanic Gardens; Sept evening meeting: Orchiding with Jack Airey; Hakeas, a postscript – Chris Larkin; Maureen Schaumann – Honorary Life Membership awarded by APS Victoria; Shirley Carn – Certificate of Commendation awarded by APS Victoria.
NOV 2019: Oct day meeting: Irene Kelly – Gardens for Wildlife; Oct evening meeting: Adapt | Survive| Thrive – Adaptations of Australian plants to difficult growing conditions – Janet Hodgkiss.
Aug-Sept 2019AUG 2019: Jul evening meeting: AGM and Quiz; Jul Day meeting: Member’s – Hedging with Australian plants; Quiz questions and answers.
SEPT 2019: Aug day meeting: Miriam Ford – Mint Bushes and Allied Genera and the upcoming FJC Rogers Seminar 2020; Aug evening meeting: Chris Larkin – Why Hakeas?
JUN 2019: May day meeting: Peter and Alison Rogers – A Trip to Outback Queensland; May evening Meeting: Chris Long – Boronia Oil; Visit to Melton Botanic Gardens.
JUL 2019: June day meeting: Margaret James – Illustrated history of the discovery and cultivation of Australian plants; June evening meeting: Member’s Five Slides.
Apr-May 2019APR 2019: Mar Day meeting Beckler’s Botanical Bounty – an Artists’ Project – Dr. Roslyn Glow; Mar evening meeting: Member’s meeting – Hedging with Australian Plants.
MAY 2019: Apr evening meeting: John Harris – Wildflowers of the WA Northern Sandplains Kwongan; Apr Day meeting: Bev Fox and Chris Larkin – The Wimmera.
Feb-Mar 2019FEB 2019: Nov Evening Meeting – Climate change and water in the garden; Reflections on coping with Global Warming – Chris Larkin; Have you read the news lately? – Chris Larkin.
MAR 2019: Feb evening meeting: Nicky Zanen – King Island; Propagation day report; Feb Day meeting: Mike Williams and Ray Barnes – Adventures of Barnesy & Willy, Western Australia 2017; Plant Review – Liz Triggs – Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia subsp. pallida ‘White Sands’.
Oct-Nov 2018OCT 2018: Open Garden – Bev Fox; Sept Evening meeting: Charles Young – Sturt Pea; Sept Day meeting: Trevor Blake – Thomasia and Lasiopetalum;
NOV 2018: Oct evening meeting: Bill Aitchison – Small Wattles; Habitat gardens and book launch; Oct Day meeting: Members’ Five Slides.
Jul-Aug-Sept 2018JUL 2018: June Evening meeting: Carolyn Landon – History of Botanical Art and Celia Rosser’s story; June Day meeting: Rolf and Monika Hermann – Gary and Gunbarrel Hwy, west of Alice; Plants and Gardens of the Dandenongs and Foothills – a weekend of exploration and discovery.
AUG 2018: Jul Evening meeting: AGM & Quiz; Jul Day meeting: Helene Wilde – Botanical Art; Quiz questions and answers.
SEPT 2018: Aug Evening meeting: Shirley Smith – Island Life; Report on ‘Plants and Gardens of the Dandenongs and Foothills’ a Quarterly Gathering Hosted by APS Foothills, 18-19th August 2018; Aug Day meeting: Quiz questions and answers.
APR 2018: Mar Evening meeting: Member’s meeting with speaker Anthea Davidson on Garden Design Principles; 3 Point Plan to a Happy Garden; Responsible Gardening; Mar Day meeting: Mike Ridley Easter Island.
MAY 2018: April Day meeting: Kevin Ritchie – Bonsai; April Evening meeting: 5 slides with ANZAC Day theme; “Plants and Gardens of the Dandenongs and Foothills” – a Quarterly Gathering.
JUNE 2018: May Evening meeting: Nikki May – Wild Foods Trails: Scholarship to Botanic Gardens in NSW, ACT and Victoria; May Day meeting: Peter Rogers – Wildlife of Maroondah.
Feb-Mar 2018NOV 2017: Oct Day meeting: Royce and Jeanne Raleigh – Lesser Known Plants for the Garden; Oct Evening meeting: Marvellous Myrtaceae – Member’s night; ANPSA 2018 Hobart preview; Crossword puzzle.
FEB 2018: Nov Evening meeting: Grasslands – Cathy Powers; Nov Day meeting – review Shirley Carn garden; Crossword answers.
MAR 2018: Feb Evening meeting: Ross MacDonald – Our Garden; Feb Day meeting: Alex Smart – River Red Gum.