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We hold our meetings at 7:45pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month (except school holidays)
Venue: Knox Park Primary School, Kathryn Road, Knoxfield. Google map link

Our meetings often take the form of slide presentations, given by invited speakers or our own members, and cover a wide range of topics.

Some of our meetings are member meetings. They’re more hands-on, and everyone is encouraged to join in and contribute to the chosen topic. We’re a sociable group so these meetings are popular with our members.

We also hold propagation days and working bees, visit gardens, go rambling, and explore our local bush reserves. Have a look at our newsletters to see more of what we’ve been doing.

And… come along to one of our meetings too – we’d love to meet you – so see you there!

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Leader: Janet Hodgkiss
Deputy Leader: Vacant
Secretary: Nicky Zanen
Treasurer: Chris Larkin
Ordinary Member: Betty Wright

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Enquiries: Nicky Zanen: 9761 1933
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Foothills Secretary, c/o Unit 9/51 Herbert Street, Boronia, 3155

April 2023Seaford Banksia Arboretum Project; Vale Marion Dux; Autumn Musings: Melaleuca – Chris Larkin; Kosciuszko National Park, NSW – Monika Herrmann; On the home front: Autumn in Ferntree Gully – Monika Herrmann.
March 2023Touring Far North Queensland with the Cranbourne Friends group – Nicky Zanen; Summer Musings – Monika Herrmann; Propagation Morning; Summer evening working bee; Sawfly – a pest when in large numbers – Chris Larkin.
February 2023Wildflowers of the Wimmera and Whitehorse – Tony Slater; Plant Talk: Dietes robinsoniana – Chris Larkin; Falls Creek Plant Hunt; Repotting orchids.
November 2022Australian Plants in pots and planters – member’s meeting and members’ photos; Growing Australian plants in pots and containers – Janet Hodgkiss; Kunzea ambigua prostrate – Chris Larkin; Little Desert and Grampians – Monika Herrmann.
October 2022September meeting: The Life and Times of Lake Mountain – Liz Triggs; Hochkins Ridge Walk; Bossiaeas on the Bench – Chris Larkin.
September 2022August meeting: Getting to know the locals, Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve and Bungalook Conservation Reserve – Chris Larkin; Hardenbergia – one of the pea plant genera on the bench – Chris Larkin; Yorke Peninsula, SA and Swan Reserve, Vic – Monika Herrmann; October members’ meeting – Growing Australian Plants in Pots and Containers: Guidelines for members.
August 2022Thryptomene – Chris Larkin; Foothills Trivia Questions and Answers; May 2021 Continuation through NW Victoria – Pink Lakes and Rocket Lake in Murray-Sunset NP, Hattah-Kulkyne NP, and Murray-Kulkyne NP – Monika Herrmann.
Jun-July 2022JUN 2022: Day meeting Closure; Call for Committee Members; May evening meeting: SGAP/APS Foothills: The First 50 Years – Nicky Zanen; Specimen table highlights: Grevillea speciosa ssp. dimorpha forms, Grevillea aspera – Chris Larkin; Plant Review: Correa ‘Perfect Pollinator’ – Liz Triggs; May Day meeting: Trevor Blake – Banksias.
JUL 2022: Last Day meeting; June meeting – Five Slides; Sensory Garden at Knox Park Primary School; Plants from the bench: Acacia podalyriifolia, Grevillea sericea – Chris Larkin; Weed Watch: Romulea rosea, Onion Weed – Chris Larkin; May 2021, A two-week trip through NW Victoria, Wyperfeld NP, Rocket Lake and Hattah-Kulkyne NP – Monika Herrmann; Membership Form.
Apr-May 2022APR 2022: Day meeting: Geoff Lay – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania; APS Victoria at MIFGS;
March evening meeting: Alex Smart – River Red Gum; Bracket Fungus by Chris Larkin;
Flannel Flowers by Chris Larkin.  
MAY 2022: Grevillea rhyolitica and its hybrids by Chris Larkin; April Evening meeting;
Royce Raleigh – Kimberley Adventure; April day meeting: Bill Aitchison – APS Books;
Feb-Mar 2022FEB 2022: Foothills five and half year round-up; Bits and Pieces – Duck Orchids, Imperial White Butterfly, Billy Buttons, Dinner Plain by Monika Hermann; Melaleuca calothamnoides and Melaleuca wilsonii by Chris Larkin; Foothills end of year break up.
MAR 2022: Strap-leaf and strap-like plants: variety and function by Chris Larkin; The Bad and the Beautiful – summer weather effect on plants and scrub wren nest; February day meeting: Graeme Nicholls – Hints on Propagation and Grafting; Foothills 50th anniversary: Stringybark Festival; Vale Judy Barker; Scutellaria spp.; Brunoniella pumilio.
Oct-Nov 2021OCT 2021: September Day meeting: Member’s Slides – what brings me pleasure; September Evening member’s meeting led by Chris Larkin – Australian Plants for Dry Shade; Four common Hoveas – how to tell the difference by Bev Fox.
NOV 2021:
October Day meeting: John Harris – Wildlife of the Australian Rainforests – The Lesser Known States; October Evening Meeting: Bill Aitchison – A look at the genus Daviesia; Flannel Flower, Actinotus helianthi by Maureen Schaumann; Grevillea olivacea by Chris Larkin; Bits and Pieces from a Foothills Garden by Monika Hermann.
Aug-Sep 2021AUG 2021: July Day meeting: Chris Larkin – Hakeas; July Evening meeting: 2021 Quiz questions and answers.
SEPT 2021: August Evening meeting: Australian Native plants and Flowers – the unusual and beautiful (a member’s show and tell meeting); August Day meeting: Helen Lovell – Neutrog; Weed Watch (Araceae) by Chris Larkin and Janet Hodgkiss; Bits and Pieces from a Foothills garden by Monika Herrmann
Jun-Jul 2021JUN 2021: May Evening meeting: Cathy Powers – Profiling the Brisbane Ranges; Chris Larkin – Renovating the Garden; May Day meeting: Chris Clarke – Flora of the Australian Alps; Focus on Plants – Chris Larkin.
JUL 2021: June Evening meeting double billing: Jean Bellis – Silo Art : Shirley Smith – Bushfire regeneration in East Gippsland – a visit Mallacoota and Orbost; Frog Pond – placement, plants and design considerations; Wind in the Wattles – Monika Herrmann; Membership renewal form and instructions.
Apr-May 2021APR 2021: March Evening Meeting: Liesbeth Uitjewaal – Aussies in a (Dutch) Cowshed; Australian Plants Revealed seminars online; March Day meeting: Cathy Powers – Observations of Moths, Butterflies and Pollination.
MAY 2021: April Evening meeting: Janet Hodgkiss – Warrnambool Garden visits and the Great ocean Road; Two small Eucalypts, E. orbifolia and E. websteriana by Chris Larkin; Australian Plants at Knox Park Primary School.
Feb-Mar 2021FEB 2021: Australian Plant Revealed seminar presentations on YouTube; Can anyone help – fungal infection on Correa?
MAR 2021: Evening meeting: Five Slides; Acknowledgement of Country feedback request from members; February propagation day; Opportunity or Curse: Self-seeded plants – Chris Larkin.
Oct-Nov 2020OCT 2020: September evening meeting: AGM and Quiz (questions and answers); Some Indigenous Plants – Monika Herrmann; Philothecas can take the hard chop – Chris Larkin; Day meeting: Great Victorian Desert through the camera of Rolf and commentary of Monika Herrmann.
NOV 2020: October day meeting: Wilson’s Promontory – Geoff Lay; Knox City Council Stringybark Virtual Festival 2020; October evening meeting: Dry Weather Gardening – The mounding and channelling approach – Kerry Davis; Isopogon dubius and Isopogon formosus – Chris Larkin; Bits and Pieces from a Foothills garden – Monika Herrmann.
Aug-Sept 2020AUG 2020: Scaevola porocarya chases away the winter blues – Janet Hodgkiss; Some garden favourites – Kerry Davis; Foothills Facebook competition No. 2; Member news; Visit to Yarrawonga Presentation – Nicky Zanen.
SEPT 2020: Aug Evening meeting: Miriam Ford – Members of the Prostantheroideae highlighting Prostanthera and Westringia; Happy Hibbertias – Pam Yarra; The Strappy Difference – Chris Larkin; Bits and Pieces – Monika Herrmann; Bee Hotels – Jean Bellis; Pics from Val Henry’s Garden – Val Henry.
Jun-Jul 2020JUNE 2020: More notes from the Garden June 2020 – Chris Larkin; Can’t see the Wood for the Trees – Monika Herrmann; Vale Barry Sanders; Some Gardening Tips from Shirley Carn – Nicky Zanen; Adventures on Facebook – Nicky Zanen; Australian Pea Flower Study Group – Shirley Mclaran.
JUL 2020: Foothills Publicity doing a great job; iNaturalist – Janet Hodgkiss; Plant Review – Grevillea ‘Molly’ – Liz Triggs; Day meeting report; Vale Trix Chambers; The garden as the mother of its own invention – Chris Larkin;
Apr-May 2020APR 2020: Mar Day meeting: Bev Hanson – Landscaping in the Natural Style and Principles for Designing an Informal Garden; Weather, Weeds and Wonder – Chris Larkin;
MAY 2020: Garden report – Monika Herrmann; Ferns – Monika Herrmann; Foothills Facebook Page – Correa photo competition; Plant review – Acacia floribunda ‘Little Flori’ – Liz Triggs; Weather you like it or not – Chris Larkin; Some Like it Wet, Very Wet – Chris Larkin; Two plants that work well in my garden – Bev Fox.
Feb-Mar 2020FEB 2020: Nov evening meeting: Fungi of Fraser Island – Peter Bellis; Southern Africa trip – Nicky Zanen.
MAR 2020: Feb evening meeting: Dr Sapphire Mc Mullen-Fisher – Fire and Fungi; Australian Plants Revealed – Twin Exhibitions at Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery and Karwarra Australian Botanic Garden and Nursery – Janet Hodgkiss; Feb day meeting: Mike Williams and Ray Barnes – Adventures of Barnesy & Willy – Western Australia 2017 Part 2.
Oct-Nov 2019OCT 2019: Sept day meeting: David and Barbara Pye – Melton Botanic Gardens; Sept evening meeting: Orchiding with Jack Airey; Hakeas, a postscript – Chris Larkin; Maureen Schaumann – Honorary Life Membership awarded by APS Victoria; Shirley Carn – Certificate of Commendation awarded by APS Victoria.
NOV 2019: Oct day meeting: Irene Kelly – Gardens for Wildlife; Oct evening meeting: Adapt | Survive| Thrive – Adaptations of Australian plants to difficult growing conditions – Janet Hodgkiss.
Aug-Sept 2019AUG 2019: Jul evening meeting: AGM and Quiz; Jul Day meeting: Member’s – Hedging with Australian plants; Quiz questions and answers.
SEPT 2019: Aug day meeting: Miriam Ford – Mint Bushes and Allied Genera and the upcoming FJC Rogers Seminar 2020; Aug evening meeting: Chris Larkin – Why Hakeas?
JUN 2019: May day meeting: Peter and Alison Rogers – A Trip to Outback Queensland; May evening Meeting: Chris Long – Boronia Oil; Visit to Melton Botanic Gardens.
JUL 2019: June day meeting: Margaret James – Illustrated history of the discovery and cultivation of Australian plants; June evening meeting: Member’s Five Slides.
Apr-May 2019APR 2019: Mar Day meeting Beckler’s Botanical Bounty – an Artists’ Project – Dr. Roslyn Glow; Mar evening meeting: Member’s meeting – Hedging with Australian Plants.
MAY 2019: Apr evening meeting: John Harris – Wildflowers of the WA Northern Sandplains Kwongan; Apr Day meeting: Bev Fox and Chris Larkin – The Wimmera.
Feb-Mar 2019FEB 2019: Nov Evening Meeting – Climate change and water in the garden; Reflections on coping with Global Warming – Chris Larkin; Have you read the news lately? – Chris Larkin.
MAR 2019: Feb evening meeting: Nicky Zanen – King Island; Propagation day report; Feb Day meeting: Mike Williams and Ray Barnes – Adventures of Barnesy & Willy, Western Australia 2017; Plant Review – Liz Triggs – Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia subsp. pallida ‘White Sands’.
Oct-Nov 2018OCT 2018: Open Garden – Bev Fox; Sept Evening meeting: Charles Young – Sturt Pea; Sept Day meeting: Trevor Blake – Thomasia and Lasiopetalum;
NOV 2018: Oct evening meeting: Bill Aitchison – Small Wattles; Habitat gardens and book launch; Oct Day meeting: Members’ Five Slides.
Jul-Aug-Sept 2018JUL 2018: June Evening meeting: Carolyn Landon – History of Botanical Art and Celia Rosser’s story; June Day meeting: Rolf and Monika Hermann – Gary and Gunbarrel Hwy, west of Alice; Plants and Gardens of the Dandenongs and Foothills – a weekend of exploration and discovery.
AUG 2018: Jul Evening meeting: AGM & Quiz; Jul Day meeting: Helene Wilde – Botanical Art; Quiz questions and answers.
SEPT 2018: Aug Evening meeting: Shirley Smith – Island Life; Report on ‘Plants and Gardens of the Dandenongs and Foothills’ a Quarterly Gathering Hosted by APS Foothills, 18-19th August 2018; Aug Day meeting: Quiz questions and answers.
APR 2018: Mar Evening meeting: Member’s meeting with speaker Anthea Davidson on Garden Design Principles; 3 Point Plan to a Happy Garden; Responsible Gardening; Mar Day meeting: Mike Ridley Easter Island.
MAY 2018: April Day meeting: Kevin Ritchie – Bonsai; April Evening meeting: 5 slides with ANZAC Day theme; “Plants and Gardens of the Dandenongs and Foothills” – a Quarterly Gathering.
JUNE 2018: May Evening meeting: Nikki May – Wild Foods Trails: Scholarship to Botanic Gardens in NSW, ACT and Victoria; May Day meeting: Peter Rogers – Wildlife of Maroondah.
Feb-Mar 2018NOV 2017: Oct Day meeting: Royce and Jeanne Raleigh – Lesser Known Plants for the Garden; Oct Evening meeting: Marvellous Myrtaceae – Member’s night; ANPSA 2018 Hobart preview; Crossword puzzle.
FEB 2018: Nov Evening meeting: Grasslands – Cathy Powers; Nov Day meeting – review Shirley Carn garden; Crossword answers.
MAR 2018: Feb Evening meeting: Ross MacDonald – Our Garden; Feb Day meeting: Alex Smart – River Red Gum.