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Meets on the 4th Thursday at 7pm, February – November, unless otherwise advised.

Venue: Masonic Lodge, 101 Appin Street, Wangaratta Google map link

Members are encouraged to bring along exhibits for the specimen table, which is a regular feature of each meeting.

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2021/22 Membership form

President: John van Riet   (03) 5725 7207
Secretary: Alison Earp   (03) 5729 7518

21 Frascas Lane, Myrrhee VIC 3732
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Edition Contents
Sep 21Clematis aristata Old Man’s Beard; Best time to plant; Get to know your Committee – Joanne Diver
Aug 21President’s Report; Sustainable Farms & Dam Planting; Sustainable Farms Planting for Pollinators Guide; How do native lawns benefit the environment?; The use of liquid fertiliser; Flowering now Acacia boormanii Snowy River Wattle; Get to know your Committee – John van Riet; Hakea nodosa – Creating a Safe Habitat
Jun 21The APS Vic June Zoom meeting; May meeting: “What is that Local Plant?”; Get to know your Committee – Rosemary Buchanan; May meeting: Mt Augustus National Park; Dragon Tree Soak Nature Reserve; Dry soil? – Don’t Despair; MIFGS displays; Backyard Conservation; Weedy Acacias; “Blairbush” – My Garden; Neutrog ordering procedure; “Haemodorum is red all over”
May 21March meeting review: Chris Findlay on recreating indigenous landscapes; March APS Vic COMM notes; Austrocallerya, an alternative Australian climber; Kurrajong Bag-moth caterpillars; Get to know your Committee: Gillian Anderson; Neutrog ordering procedure; Eremophila oppositifolia; the McKinnon garden at Eurobin
Mar 21President’s Annual Report for 2019/2020; Report of FIRST meeting in 2021; 1st Mar Propagating day; Spyridium phlebophyllum Dusty Miller; Swainsona formosa Sturt’s Desert Pea; Get to know your Committee – Helen Wrigley
Apr-Jun 20Allocasuarina verticillate – Drooping She-oak; Lemon scented gum Corymbia citriodoria; Visit to Jan Hall’s garden
Feb 20Launch of Helen and Peter Curtis Collection – March into Sustainability; Gum trees with silver-grey foliage
Nov 19Aug AGM; Miriam Ford’s talk on the Lamiaceae family; Aug outing to Mullinmar Billabong; Sep outing to Everton Natural Features Reserve; Bill Aitchison’s Oct talk on Acacias; Oct outing to Barbara Buchanan’s Benalla garden; Nov Nature Day at Apex Park; Chocolate Lilies
Aug 19Jun meeting recap: Chris Tzaros on the Turquoise Parrot Project; Jun Euroa visit: Cathy Powers on moths & butterflies; Aug visit to Helen Wrigley’s garden; Flowers in the Winter Garden: Jan Hall; Banksia integrifolia Roller Coaster Banksia
May 19Off Grid Living Festival stall 4th May; Kaluna and Little Kaluna Parks; The naming of Scaveola brookeana and the life of Sarah Brooks
Feb 19Review of Christmas Gathering; Grevilleas with Neil Marriott; review of our presence in Nov at Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group Nature Day; review of Dec propagating day; Summer pruning – Helen Wrigley; the January Great Plant Out
Nov 18review of Aug AGM; review of Aug outing to Chiltern National Park; review of Sep meeting, Jim Blackney on the Silver Banksia & spring specimen show; review of Sep outing to Anne Ford’s garden; review of Oct meeting with David & Barbara Pye on Melton Botanic Gardens; review of Oct outing to Mt. Buffalo; review of FJC Rogers Seminar
Aug 18review of Jun Hakea night; review of Jul visit to Andrews’ property at Chesney Vale; President’s Annual Report
Jun 18Preview Hakea Night Thursday 28th June; Preparing for the July 26th meeting: The Winter Collection Show & Tell; review of Apr meeting: Ted Brown on growing Dry area plants; review of Apr outing to Glenda & Bernie Datson’s garden at Baranduda; review of May meeting: Royce & Jeanne Raleigh on small flowering plants in their Wartook Garden in the Grampians; Waratahs at Eurobin – Malcolm and Mirella McKinnon