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Meets at 8.00 pm on the fourth Friday of the month (except December and January).

Venue: The Mozart Hall, Gilles Street, Warrnambool Google map link

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President: David Handscombe  email
Secretary: Mike Halls   0476 250 435 email

127 Rooneys Road, Warrnambool Vic 3280

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May 24New Badges; Book Launch Again; Display Table; Propagation Day Success; Plant Profile: Hypocalymma angustifolium; Coastal Connections
Apr 24From the President Neutrog & “What’s Wrong with This?”; Plants of the Great South West Book Launch; Melbourne Flower Show; Plant Profile: Stylidium adnatum
Mar 24Members Diary; Propagating Granny’s Grave Correa; Dry and Hot; Propagation Day; Plant Profile: Grevillea ‘Majestic’; Coastal Connections; Shows, Conferences
Feb 24Members Diary; Propagation Sessions; Plant of the Month: Banksia burdettii; Gardens for Wildlife; Group Visit to Griffith Island; Plant Profile: Kennedia coccinea; Shows, Conferences
Jan 24
Oct 23Joans’ Garden; What’s happening at Wrenhaven; Seniors Festival; Volunteers Expo; Bendigo Trip Report; Plant Profile: Banksia coccinea
Sep 23Members Diary; President Notes; Garden Visit Report; Gardens for Wildlife; Display Table; Plant from my Garden; Plant Profile: Grevillea tenuiloba; ANPSA Biannual Conference; APS Vic Diary
Aug 23Open Garden Report; Spring Excursion; Colac Trip Report2; Plant Profile: Hakea laurina; Flower Shows; Yam Daisies; ANPSA Biannual Conference
Jul 23Members Diary; Spring Excursion; Display Table; Colac Trip Report; Plant Profile: Grevillea ‘Little Robyn’; Coastal Connections; ANPSA Biannual Conference; APS Vic Diary
Jun 23APS Colac Visit; Membership renewal; President’s Report; Display Table; Plant Profile: Hakea clavata; Coastal Connections; ANPSA Biannual Conference
May 23Members Diary; Membership renewal; Eco Dyeing; Display Table; Plant Profile: Correa alba; ANPSA Biannual Conference; APS Vic Diary
Apr 23Eco Dyeing; Display Table; Plant Profile: Banksia menziesii; ANPSA Biannual Conference
Mar 23Members Diary; Floral Display by Linda and David; Display Table; Emperor Gum Moth; Pentland Botanical Gardens; Lemmens Garden; Plant Profile: Banksia sphaerocarpa
Feb 23
Nov 22Members Diary; A Message From our President; Member Profile; Warrnambool Show; Display Table; Neutrog Ordering; Chocolate Lilies; Plant Profile
Oct 22Members Diary; A Message From our President; Celebrage Festival; Display Table; Looking for Orchids; What’s Happening in our Garden – Mattners; Plant Profile; APS Vic. Calendar
Sep 22Members’ Diary; September Speaker John Miller; Last Month’s Speaker; Volunteer Expo; Display Table; Member Profile; Plant Profile; APS Vic. Calendar; Coastal Connections:
Aug 22Members’ Diary; Group Visit to Wimmera; Plant Profile; Member Profile; Visit to Rushworth; Display Table; VicFlora Relaunched
Jun 22Miriam Ford a Bio; Message from new President; Members Profile; Correa Grannys Grave
May 22Preview of Group Weekend Trip to Horsham; Committee nomination form; Last Meeting – Book Launch of “Environmental Weeds of Warrnambool”; Seats are a Necessity in all Gardens; Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl Tree
Apr 22Horsham weekend away 22nd-25th July; WCC Green Warrnambool Environmental Weed Booklet; Plant selector tool; Backhousia myrtifolia Cinnamon Myrtle; Graft-chimeras on Eremophilas
Mar 22“Rivers of Warrnambool” Project; Melaleuca huegelii Chenille Honey-myrtle
Feb 22Persoonia pinifolia Pine-leafed Geebung; Critically Endangered and also New Species of Aquatic Plants Found at Lake Pertobe – Najas marina Holly-leaf Water-nymph & Stuckenia pectinata Fennell Pond-weed; Signs Reprinted at Swan Reserve
Jan 22Xmas break up; Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos; Pomonal Trip Report Part 3; Stylidium graminifolium Grass trigger plant; Pigfaces of Warrnambool; Hyacinth Orchids at Mt. Clay
Nov 21Pomonal Trip Report Part 2; Visit to Rob Beulke’s Garden and Nursery at Hamilton; Visit to Liz and Leo Cummin’s and to Betty Lacy’s Garden; Micromyrtus ciliata Fringed Heath Myrtle
Oct 21Pomonal Flower Show 2021 …. Cancelled! But Someone Forgot To Tell Mother Nature – Day 1; What’s Flowering At Wrenhaven; Chamelaucium uncinatum Geraldton Wax; Billardiera ringens Chapman River Climber
Sep 21Grevillea alpina; “Coastal Connections”, including riverbank weeding, fencing & revegetation; Australian butterflies and wattles
Jul 21APS Warrnambool and District President Report; June report: Royce Raleigh on “Small Plants For The Garden”; Banksia prionotes dwarf – Acorn Banksia; Casuarina Indigenous Nursery
Jun 21Report on Maam Reserve Field Day on 8th July; report on forthcoming online memberships; Greenhood Orchids Flowering at Tozer Reserve
May 21AGM Nomination Form; June Meeting – Show and Share; Visit to Sue and Ross’ & Linda and David’s Gardens Last Month; Lepidium hyssopifolium – Follow Up Visit to Belfast Loch; Let’s Strain The Drains – stormwater debris monitoring project; Kevin Hoffman Walk and Native Garden At Lara
Apr 21How to get to the Open Gardens at Illowa; Gardens for Wildlife – Warrnambool – Beginning Soon!; Report on Last Month’s Speaker, Gavin Prentice – Glenelg Ramsar Site; Basalt Peppercress Lepidium Hyssopifolium; Growing Lepidium hyssopifolium to collect seed for revegetation
Mar 21Feb outing to Walker Swamp; Mar book launch; Coastal Connections
Feb 21Christmas Breakup at Mattners’; New Book For Great South West Walk; Online Ordering System For Neutrog
Nov 20Show and Tell – On Zoom by David & Linda Handscombe, Cathy Powers & Kevin Sparrow; Natives For Pots, Caring For Them by Gill Muller; Online Ordering System For Neutrog
Oct 20Vale Sue Sherwood; Kevin’s book “Plants of the Great South West 3”; The Daisy Bed by Linda Handscombe; Some More From Our Garden by Dorothy Mattner; Acacia courtii; Propagation By The Bowl Method by Dave Handscombe; Linda and Dave Handscombe plants for sale
Sep 20Show and Tell on Zoom; Some of the Plants Featuring in Our Garden – Kerry Artis; A Winter Evening, A Warm Fire And a Good Book by Pat Varley; Scaevola porocarya
Jun 20iNaturalist – https//; Some Colour In Early Winter By John Sherwood; Identifying Weeds:; Why not try a Correa?
May 20Garden report by Mike Halls, Orchids of NZ by John Sherwood, Options on holding AGM group activities suspended due to virus. Possible AGM by email or by Zoom meeting.
Feb 20Report on trip to Cape Bridgewater; November Display Table Report; Community Gardens Quarry Report; Growing Hoya From Seed.
Jan 20Report on Last meeting – Gary Barclay – Cave Diving; Xmas BBQ and Breakup Report; Warrnambool City Council Plant Selector Tool; Budj Bim visit Report
Oct 19Report on Last meeting – David Williams and Maremma Dogs; Sept Display table Report; The Mattners have returned; Piccaninny Walk in the Grampians
Sep 19Report on planting day at Maam Reserve; Report on Last meeting – Reto and Yvonne speaking on Kimberley trip; August Display table Report
Aug 19An APS Expedition To The Mt. Napier Lava Flow; Dorothy & Michael Travelling Around North WA
Jul 19Neutrog order; Jun meeting review: Toni Ryan on Hooded Plovers; new publication: Gary Backhouse’s “The Wild Orchids of Victoria, Australia”; Pomonal Flower Show details; Membership renewal
Jun 19AGM report; President’s Report; Correa Crawl Report
May 19Correa Study Group – Correa Crawl Itinerary June 8/9/10th 2019; Apr Group Visit To APS Colac Otway; review of Apr meeting: Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail; Gardens For Wildlife; Melaleuca teretifolia Marsh Honey-myrtle
Apr 19What Is The Fuss About Social Media and How Does It Work; Dryandra Cladistic Classification to Banksia – Naming Dispute; Plant Of The Month: Pittosporum angustifolium Native Apricot
Mar 19passing of Doug Phillips; Launch Of Nature Reserves of Warrnambool & District Booklet; Maam Reserve Update; Coastal Connections
Feb 19Review of Jan Visit To Port Fairy; Eremophila bignoniiflora x polyclada “Meringur Isaac”; Seed Propagation Report – call for forestry tubes & trays
Nov 18Fred Rogers Seminar Report
Oct 18Review of Sep talk: Growing orchids in Warrnambool by Kevin Sparrow; Sep visit to Woolsthorpe Scar Tree
Aug 18Preview of Aug visit to Peter Francis Points Arboretum at Coleraine; preview of Sep visit To Railway Reserve at Woolsthorpe; Diplolaena angustifolia (Yanchep Rose); Epacris impressa (Common Heath); “Secret Plantation Of Woolemi Pine”; Mytle Rust -“A Matter Of National Concern”
Jul 18Using Fusilade Forte In Our Garden; Unravelling The Secrets Of The Orchid; Coastal Connections By Jarred Obst
Jun 18The Critically Endangered Golden Sun Moth; Landcare Grant Successful for work in Maam and Tozer Reserves; Visit To Mepunga Water Reserve & Fenwick Reserve on 2nd June; Disposal of Flower Show Display Stands and Pots FREE
May 18Coastal Connections by Jarred Obst; AGM minutes
Apr 18Princes Highway Road Plantings for Vic Roads; Some Of My Eremophilas In Flower Now by Kevin Sparrow; Peter Francis Points Arboretum Open Day; Celia Rosser, books & exhibition
Mar 18Trying To Grow Eremophila mirabilis; Kunzea pomifera (Muntries); Biochar May Have Benefits For Soil and Water; Coastal Connections by Jarred Obst
Feb 18Report on Pizza Day hosted by Mattners at Cudgee; Presentation Pens For Speakers; Chorizema diversifolia (Climbing Flame Pea); Report on ANPSA 2018 Conference in Hobart
Jan 18Nov visit To Jenny Emeny’s Property at Cudgee; Grevillea gariwerdensis at WAMA in Grampians by Neil Marriott; Flora of Australia Now Available On-Line
Nov 17Happy 90th Birthday Marg Craig; International Expert Shares Vital Native Woodland and Grassland Knowledge; Warrnambool Show Floral Display; Oct Visit To Local Naringal Reserves; Gymea Lilies in Flower At The Warrnambool Botanic Gardens; Doryanthes palmeri Flowering at Dorothy & Michael Mattner’s Garden; A Bit Of Guerrilla Gardening At Thunder Point; New Flora of Pallister’s Reserve Sign
Oct 17The Great Woolsthorpe Railway Flora Hunt; Impressa Award To Kevin Sparrow; New Signs Erected at Swan Reserve in Warrnambool; Visit To Melton Botanic Gardens; Visit To Pye Garden At Bullengarook; Visit To Brisbane Ranges