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Meets at 7.30pm on the third Tuesday of the month, March to November.

Venue: The Ballroom – Hamlyn Park, 1 Carey St, Hamlyn Heights. Google map link

Upcoming events for Geelong (refer also to Geelong website)

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President: vacant
Vice-president: Carmel Addlem
Secretary: Peter Nuzum

PO Box 2012, Geelong Vic 3220

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Jun 22May meeting – Unusual Plants for the Garden, Royce Raleigh; Crowea saligna; Mistletoes, friend or foe?
May 22April meeting: Neil Marriott’s 20 Favourite Grevilleas; Eucalyptus macrocarpa; Our April plant sale; Grevillea bronwenae
Mar 22Feb meeting review – Fun & Games; Phil Royce retirement; Eremophila cuneifolia; April plant sale info; new Qld species – Wongawallan Walnut, Endiandra wongawallanesis; My little eucy story – Joy Sutton; Vale Roy Whiteside; Bees can be a bugger .. sometimes
Feb 22Syzygium anisatum Aniseed Tree
Dec 21Nov mtg: Assc Prof John Rayner & “Native Plants in Urban Landscapes”; Warrnambool Weekend; Eucalyptus pimpiniana Pimpin Mallee
Nov 21Oct mtg: Kevin Sparrow & ‘The Plants Of The Great Southwest’ (click here for recorded webinar); Little River excursion; preview of Nov mtg: John Rayner on ‘Exploring new landscape design applications using Australian Plants’; Tree planting at the You Yangs; Slow walk through a bit of the Otways; Raised garden beds; Australian Plants In Containers study group; the Duck Orchids
Apr 21Mar mtg: Plant Use at a Zoo; Fuchsia Gum, Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha; Growing pineapples at Barwon Heads; Harriett Cavanagh’s pineapple fruit drink; Cooking with native ingredients
Mar 21Feb Zoom meeting & Bruce’s presentation on the High Country; Lagerstroemia sp. Crepe Myrtle; Significant Plants of the Brisbane Ranges; The Diverse Flora of the Mitchell River
Feb 21Unusual Banksia praemorsa?; Eucalyptus tucker at Werribee Zoo
Nov 20President’s Report; Photo competition results; Oct excursion to Inverleigh; “The Hunting of the Snark and Sundry Orchids”, Anglesea Orchid Hunt
Oct 20Sep Mtg: Orchids of Inverleigh; AGM 20th Oct; Virtual Plant Table
Sep 20Our 1st Zoom meeting; Grevillea nivea ‘Scarlet King’; Native Plant Study Groups; Kennedia prostrata Running Postman; Eremophila cuneifolia; “Classification of Life”
Aug 20Grevillea ‘Scarlet King’; Revegetating Karen Bartlett’s property; Our first Zoom meeting; What’s flowering in the bush? – Helmet-orchids
Jul 20“Waterland” July Garden Visit; Grevillea lanigera; What’s Flowering; Alyogynes; Best Time for Taking Cuttings
Jun 20Propagation Challenges; Verticordia staminosa; Vegetation along the Bellarine Rail Trail; Marianthus Paralius; Something in the Cracks – Ficus microphylla
May 20What’s in a Name – Plants Named After People; Calostemma Garland Lily
Apr 20Plant sale postponed; March Meeting – Peter Nuzum on Kenyan regeneration project; Verticordias
Mar 20Feb Members’ Night; Swainsona galegifolia , the Darling Pea; 2020 Plant Sale
Feb 20Vale Geoff Wilson; Vale June Parrott; “you can’t kill a eucalypt”
Dec 19Grevillea georgiana x insignis; Christmas BBQ; How to find north using a Banksia; Xanthorrhoea australis
Nov 19Oct meeting: Tim Trottier from the Geelong Landcare Network; Oct outing to Matt and Pam Baars’ garden & Kevin Hoffman Walk; Glady’s Lemon Meringue Pie; Penny’s Apricot Loaf; VicFlora website; a visit to Maranoa gardens
Oct 19A Short Holiday in the West – Ade Foster; Dampiera ‘Mallee Mauve’; the Boab
Sep 19President’s report on changes to committee; Pandorea ‘Theodore’; photo competition results; Eucalyptus leucoxylon Yellow Gum; Grevillea lavandulacea x G. alpina ‘Jelly Baby’; ‘Beating Around the Bush’ online magazine
Aug 19review of Jul meeting: Nicole Leach – ‘Bush Foods’; Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘Seton’s Form’
Jul 19review of Jun meeting: Matt Leach – ‘Victorian Banksias’; Hakea clavata; the first Australians tour: Geelong Botanic Gardens Saturday Jun 15th; Plant Extinction Crisis?
Jun 19review of May meeting: Roger Wileman on ‘Carnivorous Plants’; Eremophila fraseri x Eremophila cuneifolia; Garden Design Study Group Newsletter 107 (May 2019); Grevillea ‘Sylvia’
May 19review of Apr meeting: Dr. Dean Nicolle focusing on 20 species of ornamental eucalypts; Hakea drupacea sweet scented hakea; review of annual plant sale; First Australians Tour: Jun walk in botanical gardens; Fun with Water Plants
Apr 19review of Mar meeting: Maria Hitchcock on Correas; Grevillea Peaches’n’Cream; preview of Apr meeting: Dr. Dean Nicolle on Eucalypts; Grevillea Makinsonii; request for all to help set up before and clean up after meetings; Name Games – Latin endings; Eucalyptus scoparia Wallangarra White Gum
Mar 19Eucalyptus lansdoweneana; bus trip to Falls Creek; Kennedia prostrata Running Postman; Eremophila mackinlayi; Eucalyptus grandis Flooded Gum
Dec 18Dryandras in the Garden by Tony Cavanagh; Eucalyptus burracoppinensis Burracoppin Mallee; Oct visit to Doug McKenzie’s garden at Ocean Grove
Nov 18preview of Nov meeting – “All about moths”, with Cathy Powers; on the table – Chamelaucium uncinatum, Verticordia grandis, Melaleuca citrina, M. phoenecia, Prostanthera ovalifolia & P. serpyllifolia; P. magnifica; Pimelea spectabilis; Hypocalimna angustifolium; plant of the month Melaleuca scabra; review of Scheelings’ and Foster’s Garden visits; 2017 South Australia Trip, Part II – Matt Leach; review of Pomonal Oct Flower Show; “A Garden in Wallington”; proposed alpine trip next Feb
Oct 18review of Sep meeting – Jan Juc Creek Revegetation; on the table – Thomasia purpurea, Grevillea juniperina, Melaleuca megacephala, Eremophila miribilis, Olearia pimelioides & O. phlogopappa; plant of the month Chamelaucium uncinatum Geraldton Wax; review of Kevin Hoffman Walk and Baars Garden visits; Weeds in the Garden Pt 3 – Phil Royce; Erythroxylum australe Native Cocaine Bush; 2017 South Australia Trip – Matt Leach; new orchid species – a Corybas, or Helmet-orchid; review of Grampians weekend 30th Aug – 2nd Sep; Banksia solandri
Sep 18Our floral emblem – Grevillea rosmarinifolia ‘Lara Form’; Alpine plants – Frank Scheelings; Hakea grammatophylla; Weeds in the Garden Pt 2 – Phil Royce; Lake King, WA – Roger Wileman; Myrtle Rust
Aug 18AGM reports; Grevillea ‘Lassiter’s Gold’; Lechenaltias; Photo Competition report; Hakea lehmanniana; Weeds in the Garden Pt 1 – Phil Royce; Proposed alpine trip