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March Meeting

Friday 22nd March

Meeting starts at 8pm

“Kuranga Native Nursery – Then, Now & Into the Future”, Ben Clark


President: Alison Rogers
Secretary: Peter Rogers   0409 694 623

PO Box 33, Ringwood Vic 3134
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Ringwood East Elderly Citizens Hall, 2-8 Laurence Grove, Ringwood East

Kunzea (Our Newsletter)

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Jan 24 3 Speakers: Bruce Schroder, Ann Payne and Barrie Gallacher
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May 22 A Snapshot of Victoria’s Alpine Flora; April garden visit – Russell Watkin’s garden; Crowea saligna Willow-leaved Crowea; Trevor Blake’s Book Launch, ”Lantern Bushes of Australia; Thomasias & Allied Genera”; The “Neighbours 4 Nature” program
Apr 22 Mar meeting: Propagation from Seed; Boronia filifolia Slender Boronia; Early winter is here; Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory Curl; Crinum luteolum from seed; March Garden Visit: Orton and Cove Gardens
Mar 22 Feb meeting: Travelling the Gunbarrel Highway; Chorilaena quercifolia; The dry summer’s toll in Ray & Eva’s garden; MIFGS preview; Vale Denise Brett; City Nature Challenge; Day Trip to Mt Baw Baw; Maranoa Botanic Gardens February visit
Feb 22 Vale Max Kennedy; Two that Got Away Geoff Lay; Boronia muelleri Forest Boronia; A rose by any other name Graeme Nicholls; Philydrum lanuginosum
Jan 22 Nov meeting report; Thomasia Book; Plants in hanging baskets; a look at the genus Daviesia; Nov visit to Bruce and Jill Schroder’s Garden; Vale Claude Culvenor; Graeme Nicholls’ & Ray and Eva’s gardens in summer; David Lightfoot’s rooftop garden; Leionema lamprophyllum Shiny Leionema, Shiny Phebalium; Stylidium graminifolium; Impressa Award for John Thompson; APS Maroondah on Facebook; Australian Garden at Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens
Nov 21 A guided walk through Maranoa Botanic Gardens; Zieria granulata; Daisy Delights; My Experience with Sturt’s Desert Pea; Coopernookia polygalacea, Micromyrtus ciliata and Pultenaea pedunculata; Lockdown Handrails; Vale Philip Brentnall
Oct 21 A Guided Walk through Maranoa; Vale Barry Ellis; Grand Specimen Table Presentation – Ten Years Later; Phebalium glandulosum; What’s in a name – plants named after people: Flindersia, Grevillea & Guichenotia; Botanic Ridge Update; September was brought to you by the colour Purple; Lomatia tasmanica; Ray and Eva’s Garden; October in our garden has a lot of White
Sep 21 Chris Fletcher plants for sale; Gunbarrel Highway; Nature Strip Lockdown Activity; Asterolasia phebalioides; What’s in a name – plants named after people: Darwinia, Dodonaea & Dryandra; Honour for John Hanson; August is brought to you by the colour yellow
Aug 21 Outback Queensland; What’s happening at Karwarra Garden?; Rutaceae Ruminations – Boronia thujona; Covid Safe Meetings; Grevillea longistyla; Spectacular Barks on Australian Vegetation; Thank You – Merele Webb; Lights in the garden; A Visit to the Pilliga Scrub; New Names for Heaths
Jun 21 Special May Garden Visit – Williams’ Garden, Croydon; Bringing the RHS Chelsea Best in Show Australian Garden home to Olinda; Covid Safe Meetings – Changes to Meeting Provisions for June; May Garden Visit O’Neill Garden, Narre Warren South; Photographing Blue Flowers; Ray and Eva’s Garden; return to face-to-face meetings survey results
Apr 21 Mar meeting: Flora for Frogs; Requirements for a Covid-safe meeting; March Get-together at Doongalla Forest; Australian Plants Revealed video; City Nature Challenge; Wrong Spot – moving natives; Eucalyptus caesia subsp magna a cultivar?; Ray & Eva’s garden; Eremophilas in flower in Blackburn; Phillip Johnson Garden; Colourful Correas
Mar 21 Zoom mtg review: Plants of Melbourne’s Western Plains Chris Clarke; Cultivars on Trove; Feb picnic at Pound Bend; “A COVID-safe Meeting”, Bruce Schroder; Hypocalymma xanthopetalum
Feb 21 Vale Frank O’Dea; Jan Picnic at Yarran Dheran; Australian Plants Revealed; Eucalyptus rosacea; Meringur Mystery; Eucalyptus caesia subsp. caesia seed; Blue Carbon Environments; Seeding an Urban Meadow; Karwarra Australian Plant Garden; Ray & Eva’s Garden; Maroondah is going Digital! – Zoom meetings; Eastern Koel
Jan 21 Urea; Mt Cannibal; Viminaria juncea Golden Showers; King Parrots; Member profile: Eva Kowal & Ray Turner; Hardenbergia violacea; The Colour Purple; Misunderstood Mistletoes
Dec 20 2020 AGM; welcome Helen McGeehan; Vale Pam Faraghar and Neville Hatten; Commemorative Maroondah Plant; New South Wales Christmas Bush Ceratopetalum gummiferum; Tasmanian & South Australian Christmas Bush Bursaria spinosa; Victorian Christmas Bush Prostanthera lasianthos; Tasmanian Christmas Bells Blandfordia punicea; Western Australian Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda; New South Wales Christmas Bells Blandfordia grandiflora; Christmas Mistletoe Amyema sanguineum; Climbers in the Lay Garden; FJC Rogers’ Lamiaceae Seminar 2020; Peacock Spiders
Nov 20 Committee nominations before AGM; FJC Rogers Seminar 2022; Ricinocarpus pinifolius Wedding Bush; Grevillea williamsonii; Karwarra is open again; New Look for Fairies; Hidden danger in some low release fertilisers; “Reaching for the Sky” – Climbers; Moths on Rutaceae; Late Spring flowers in a Blackburn garden; Hibbertias; Ray and Eva’s Garden in flower; Grevillea longistyla; Rooftop Wonderland; Eremophila mackinlayi; Reaching for the Sky – Judy Clark
Oct 20 Jumping Creek Road; Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens; Chorizema varium Limestone Pea; Rooftop Wonderland; Eucalyptus caesia ssp caesia; Spring flowers in a Blackburn garden; “Seeing the Light” – Tan Marlin’s garden; Ray and Eva’s Garden; “Clearing the Way” – removing a nature strip tree; Acacia aff verniciflua; Kennedia coccinea; Orchids and Photography; Joe’s Billy Buttons; Wood Scorpion; Eremophila ionantha; Bird Nesting Box to exclude Indian Mynas; Best Year for Leptospermums; Garden Painting
Sep 20 Vale Win Bennet; Eucalyptus caesia; Nature Strip Planting; Growing the Brown Boronia; Earth Stars; Grasstree; Templetonia and Thryptomene; Wattles; Involvement of Members Linked with Churches; An Unusual Plant – Lawrencia helmsii; Plants from Chris Fletcher; Yarra Glen Garden; Sturt’s Pea Challenge 2018 and 2019 – Final Update; Ray and Eva’s Garden; Why are dogs attracted to Kangaroo Paw roots?; Propagating Acacia glaucoptera from cuttings
Aug 20 Mt Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve & proposed quarry; Michael and Sally Cook’s garden murals; Correas – Sue Guymer; A Native Garden 50 years ago – Tom Banfield; Wurundjeri Timelines calendar; Aug in newsletters past; A Shaggy Frog Story; Bridal Creeper Weed; Homemade pruning shredder; Satin Bowerbird at Bill & Sue’s; News from South East NSW – post-fire regeneration, Olearia persoonioides?, “Slasher” organic herbicide; Home for Sale – Arthurs Creek
Jun 20 Joe’s Corymbia Quiz; APS Maroondah is Helping East Gippsland; Phil Vaughan Grafted Plant List; Diplolaena grandiflora; Chris Fletcher’s Plant List; A Yellow Waratah? – Part 1; what is eating Corymbia ficifolia?; Myoporum bateae, Veronica arenaria, Acacia gittinsii; Growing Trees; Preparing for an Open Garden; Memories of Shirley Carn; Gang Gang Cockatoos
May 20 Disappearing House (planting a small garden) – Michael Cook; Vale Shirley Carn; Some Gardening Tips from Shirley Carn; Propagating – making do with what you have; Motion Detector Cameras; Templetonia retusa Cockies’ Tongue
Apr 20 Helpful members & Karwarra exhibition; Exhibition at Ringwood Federation Estate; Cultivar Project; Attracting Wildlife to our Gardens; The Art of Log Relocation; Grevillea nudiflora & G. treueriana; Channels for Orchids; Corymbia ficifolia ‘Wildfire’ Red Flowering Gum; Flowering at Montrose; Gardening in the time of Coronavirus
Feb 20 Early Botanical Exploration in Australia – Jan talk by John Thompson; Growing Sturt’s Desert Pea; Jacksonia furcellata; Wollemi Pine – The Good News and the (old) Bad News
Nov 19 Phil Vaughan’s Oct talk: Spectacular plants from WA now becoming available; Another Perspective – grafting, light & drainage, Bruce Schroder; October Garden Visit – Marilyn and Geoff Bull Garden, Montrose; Eucalyptus polyanthemos ssp
Red Box; Pretty Screen; Vale Enid Haskins; Stop Mowing and Grow Native; Environment Victoria and the Snapes; Your New Committee
Oct 19 Preview of Oct meeting with Phil Vaughan & the Bull garden visit in Montrose; review of Sep meeting: Eucalypts as Street Trees, Bruce Schroder; Vale Diana Snape & Joan Barrett; Creating a Habitat Garden; Sep garden visits: the Wominjeka (Welcome) Reconciliation garden, Glen Iris, Debbie and Michael’s garden and Eleanor’s garden
Sep 19 Preview of Sep meeting: Eucalypts as Street Trees, Bruce Schroder; preview of Wominjeka Reconciliation Sep Garden visit; Aug meeting review: Gardens for Wildlife by A B Bishop; Leionema coxii; Vale Silver Princess – improve drainage with an augur; review of visit to Pam’s Heathmont garden; the Maroondah Facebook page; Indigofera at Blackburn train station
Aug 19 Preview of Aug meeting: Habitat with AB Bishop; preview of Aug garden visit: Pam Yarra Garden, Heathmont; Visiting the top of Australia with Peter and Alison Rogers; review of July Garden Visit: Cameron Garden, Ringwood East; Olearia astroloba Marble Daisy-bush; Cranbourne Friends; Facebook for Maroondah Group; Vale Merv Hodge
Jun 19 Preview of Jun meeting: Mangroves with Robert King; preview of Jun garden visit: Wombolano Park; May meeting: Hakeas
with Royce Raleigh; call for new committee members; Member Profile – Chris and Steve Fletcher; review of May Garden Visits; Gardens are always evolving by Pam Yarra
Mar 19 Preview of Mar meeting: A Macro Photographic Journey through Nature, Nick Monaghan; review of Feb Members’ Night: Ryno Oppermann on Aspalathus linearis, Debbie Jerkovic & using recycled timber, Michael Cook & his new native garden, Dallas Boulton & her involvement with APS, Sue Bendel & caring for wildlife, Bill Aitchison & his Kimberley Coast expedition, Geoff Lay & some of the weird and wonderful plants he has seen in his travels, Joe Wilson & special small trees, Tim Morrow on the rainfall of local suburbs, Peter Rogers on Pimelea decora, the Flinders Poppy; review of Doongalla Forest, Mt Dandenong; News from Ray and Eva’s Garden and Koala release
Feb 19 Preview of Feb garden visit; Eucalyptus lunata Eucalyptus ‘Moon Lagoon’; invitation to Maroondah Group hostng
March APS Victoria Meeting; Swainsona formosa Sturt’s Desert Pea; Caladenia colorata Colourful Spider-orchid; Coronidium waddelliae; Member Profile Deb Jerkovic