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We regret to advise that in line with ongoing advice on COVID-19, APS Waverley events may be cancelled at short notice. Please check event status with the organiser.
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Meets at 8pm on the third Thursday of the month (except December and January).

Venue: Wadham House, 52 Wadham Pde, Mt Waverley Google map link

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Leader: Jenny Kelso   9889 1195
Secretary: Virginia Barnett   9803 4502

PO Box 248, Glen Waverley Vic 3150

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May 22Gippsland short trips – Mike Beamish; Hakea “Burrendong Beauty”
Apr 22Blue kangaroo paw, ‘Masquerade’; Kathleen Ralston: Lichens; Long-lived seeds – Hardenbergia violacea
Mar 22Vale Judy Barker; Olarea ramulosa Twiggy Daisy-Bush; Darwinian neildiana Fringed Bell; Dichondra repens Kidney Weed; Melton Botanic Gardens; Banksia canei Mountain Banksia
Feb 22Feb commencement bbq; Correa reflexa; Warratah’s genetic puzzle revealed
Jan 22Year-end breakup; Esma Salkin & Brachyscome salkiniae
Dec 21Nov mtg preview; In flower in Heather Maplesden’s & Graham Oliver’s gardens
Nov 21History of Maranoa Botanic Gardens; Native Rhododendrons in Australia?; In flower in Jenny Kelso’s garden; Oct meeting report
Oct 21Jim Willis, botanist; Grevillea willisii; Calytrix exstipulata Pink Turkey Bush; Trichodesma zeylanicum Northern bluebell; Damper Creek stroll
Sep 21George Caley – Australia’s first resident botanist; Maranoa Gardens; My Garden: Member Gardens
Aug 21Thistle Y Harris, Promoter of natives as garden plants; our group’s library; July Marlee Petrie, Wildflowers of South West WA; preview of Aug meeting: Chris Larkin on Hakeas; AGM & 2021 Treasurer’s report; Callistemon “hinchinbrook”
Jul 21Grevillea “Robyn Gordon”; Warrnambool Gardens; Rhododendron lochiae & Pimelea physodes Qualup Bell; Alyogyne huegelii Native Hibiscus
Jun 21Labillardière – French botanist who recorded the flora of Australia; Pandorea jasminoides in Kaniva; May visit to George Pentland Gardens, Frankston; Riddiford Arboretum, Broken Hill; Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel Tree
May 21Charles Fraser, our first colonial botanist; Mar mtg report: “The Pilbara” – Mike and Cathy Beamish; Hakea “Burrendong Beauty” and how to take cuttings for upright or prostrate plant; Maranoa May flowers: Alyogyne “Blue Healer”, Templetonia retusa, Crowea exalata “Edna Walling”, Banksia integrifolia Dwarf Green Cape, Hibbertia scandens & Banksia ornata
Apr 21Robert Brown – botanist; prostrate & upright cuttings from same parent; March visits: Mirini Lang’s & Marlee Petrie’s Gardens; Hibiscus heterophyllus Rosella
Mar 21Allan Cunningham – botanist & explorer; 2021 Commencement Bbq; Plectranthus argentatus Silver Surflower
Feb 21Joseph Maiden – Economic botanist, publicist and plant collector; end of 2020 break-up in Wattle Park; underground orchids; Brachyscome multifida Cut-Leafed Daisy; Backhousia citriodora Lemon Myrtle
Nov 20William Guilfoyle – Gifted garden designer; Currently in flower; Hymenosporum flavum Native frangipani; Prostanthera lasianthos Victorian Christmas Bush
Oct 20John Watson’s Garden Turns 50; Ferdinand von Mueller; Accidental Discovery of a New Genus – Scapisenecio; Currently in Flower; Callistemon citrinus – Crimson Bottlebrush; Verticordia plumosa – Plumed Featherflower
Sep 20New committee members; Discovery of the Wollemi Pine; Rediscovery of Grevillea rosmarinafolia type form; Currently in flower; Sep meeting: Nicky Zanen on Melbourne native public gardens; Pandemic petals; Calytrix tetragona – Fringe Myrtle; Myoporum parvifolium – Creeping Boobialla
Jun 20Memberships due; Hibbertia scandens – Golden guinea vine; Pterostylis – Greenhood Orchids; Kings Park & the Western Australian Botanic Garden; Grevillea ‘Ember Glow’; Hardenbergia violacea
May 20Grafted Plants; Marilyn Sprague’s Garden; Correas – An excellent small plant; Correa pulchella ‘Autumn Blaze’; Grevillea ‘Fire Cracker’
Apr 20My Garden in March (Fungi) – Virginia Barnett; Melaleucas; Western Highway Duplication Debate; Beaufortia sparsa Swamp bottlebrush; Acacia iteaphylla Flinders Range Wattle
Feb-Mar 20Stories and photos of native plants are needed for this newsletter; Banks & Solander Exhibition; Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra; Banksia baxteri – Baxter’s Banksia, Bird’s Nest Banksia; Buckinghamia celsissima – Ivory curl plant
Dec-Jan 20Oct – “In the Wild”; Nov – Geoff Lay “50 years of wandering”; Alyogyne wrayae ‘Blue Heeler’; Lomatia myricoides – Long-leaf lomatia
Oct-Nov 19Sep visit to Karwarra Gardens
Aug-Sep 19June meeting review: Trevor Blake – “Thomasia and related genera”; July meeting review: Andrew Laidlaw, Landscape Architect Royal Botanic Gardens; Annual General Meeting 2019; Pomaderris obcordata Wedge-leaved pomaderris; Eremophila mackinlayi Desert Pride
Apr-May 19Review of February BBQ and Twilight Walk in Valley Reserve; review of March talk by Mirini Lang – “The Importance of Saltmarsh Wetlands”; Hypocalymma Xanthopetalum
Feb 19Upcoming events
Jan 19Upcoming events
Oct-Nov 18Aug visit to Mirini Lang’s garden; Aug speaker Lynsey Poore on “Botanical Riches of Western Australia’s South West Coast”; Guichenotia ledifolia
Aug-Sep 18July meeting: Richard Austin – “Native Orchids”; Helen Lovel on Neutrog; Minutes AGM 2018; Annual Report; Treasurer’s Report; Eremophila glabra; Eucalyptus preissiana
Jul 18April review: Nicky Zanen on “King Island”; May review: Bev & John Hansen on “Landscaping”; April plant of the month: Correa reflexa; May plant of the month: Hakea ‘Burrendong Beauty’; membership application form
Dec 17Vale Michael Marmach; Graham and Maree Goods – “Plants of Australia’s Inland Deserts”; Scaevola “Pink Fanfare”