Foothills Evening Meeting

Janet Hodgkiss and Chris Larkin: Getting to know the Locals (Remnant Bush Reserves - Antonio Park and Hochkins Ridge)

Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar 2022

Pomonal Hall Pomonal community Hall, 3360 Ararat Halls Gap Rd. Pomonal, Victoria

A one day in-person event but exploring options to make the seminar available to an online audience. Theme “Image of Biodiversity” which aims to explore how imagery is used to […]

The Acacia Project Exhibition

Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria Birdwood Ave, Melbourne, Victoria

Illustrating Rare, Endangered and Unusual Acacia in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne will be mounted in the Visitor Centre at the RBGV Melbourne.

ANPSA Biennial Conference 2022

The Pavilion Kiama 2 Bong Bong St, Kiama, NSW

We, APS NSW, are excited to be hosting the next ANPSA Biennial Conference in Kiama in September 2022. We aim to bring you a wide range of interesting speakers and […]